Friday, December 20, 2013

Nikki Laoye Drops Birthday Freestyle - "Can't Hold Me Down"

Soul Diva, Nikki Laoye added another year yesterday Thursday Dec 19, and she celebrated her special day, with a birthday freestyle, recorded in 30mins in her brother, Xblaze's studio.

A hard-knock lyrical delivery soaked in words of courage & determination, "Can't Hold Me Down" is a song set in a hip hop groove and boasts of a heavy-bass pumping rhythm with an insanely catchy hook.

Skilfully produced by her younger brother, Xblaze, Nikki showcases her fierce rap side once again...a little something for her fans as she shares her dogged attitude to dealing with everyday life.

The exceptional versatility of Nikki Laoye's music proves why she is one of the unique leading females in the music scene.

Happy birthday to you Nikki Laoye

Download and enjoy the music


  1. Wow! Didn't know she could rap, this is the same lady dat sang 'only you'?

  2. yes o, she is a good rapper too

  3. Nikki is a bunch of talent. I have seen her perform in UK before.

  4. she got them skills mehn. Although am hearing her songs for the first time but I must agree that she is doing a great job. keep it up gurl

  5. I listen to her songs in my car on my way to work every time.


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