Thursday, June 26, 2014

Olufunke Uncensored - The Lies Some People Tell (Video)

Hi everyone, how are y'all doing? Great I guess. I was playing with my computer some days ago, and I remembered a certain topic that me and one of my girlfriends talked about some years ago, and I thought of doing the video and sharing it on this platform.

How it all started....
I could remember the first time I moved to the States (many years ago), some of my friends kept telling me that people who got here before me told them that abroad is paradise on earth, and the grass is greener on the other side (for where! abeg shine your eye well well jo). Even though I knew they were being brain washed with the false pictures, I listened to their green pastures story with rapt attention. Then one day I told one of my friends the truth when the topic cropped up again (for the umpteenth time). See the video that tells the story after the cut...

You can join me live on air every Friday on at 1pm CST/ 2pm EST/ 7pm UK & Naija Time.

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