Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo: Throwback Thursday With Yours Truly

Throwback to 2013... put a smile on your face no matter the condition 'Feyin e'. #RandomMallPhoto

Word Of The Day: Let Your Desire For Success Be Greater Than Your Fear For Failure

Good morning folks, how are you all doing, and how was your night? Great I guess.

I just want to share this few words to inspire you, yes you, as you embark on the journey of success.

As human, we all desire to be successful in our chosen field. Right?

Well ,the truth is, most people embark on the pursuit of success without having a positive attitude; I mean how do you pursue something you don't believe in? First of all, you have to believe a particular thing will work for you before you reach for it. Even though the road to success is usually rough and tough, your "CAN DO" attitude will keep you going if you believe in your dreams as you yearn for success.

My favorite word for today is "My desire for success is greater than my fear for failure". I encourage you to say this word to yourself, confess it, and believe it as you reach for your goal.

Never accept failure, instead, choose success over failure, and most importantly, PRAY.

Do have a great day

Photo Of The Day: Ladies At The Altar Be Like....

Hehehe.... Could this be true?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Popular Actress, Omotunde Ogundimu Needs N500,000 To Save Her Life

Popular Nollywood actress and movie producer, Omotunde Ogundimu needs N500,000 to undergo a surgery to save her life.

According to the mother of three, who said the ailment started before the death of her husband but she never took it serious until she started seeing her menstrual cycle for ten days non-stop. She went to see the doctor, and after series of test, x-ray and scan, it was discovered that she has full grown fibroid

According to reports, she said doctors have confirmed she needs to undergo Fibroid operation. “The actual money for the surgery is N350, 000. But I just feel I’ll need some money for my upkeep till I am able to stand on my feet and get back to work. That is the reason I summed up the whole money to N500, 000.” 

For assistant and verifications:
Omotunde’s details is as follow: Tel 08035585422, 08023210921
Acct number: 0014508117
Acct Name: Omotunde Monsurat Ogundimu
Bank Name: GTBank

I met her several times on movie locations while in Lagos, aunty Motunde or aunty Ayinke as we fondly call her, is very nice and down to earth. Good people of the world, please help her pay for the surgery and give her a reason to live. Pay any token you can afford into the above account, and I believe God will bless you as you do so. Thank you

And remember, "Enikeni ti iwo ba nipa lati se iranlowo fun, oun na ni enikeji re, toju re".

Meaning, whoever you are capable of assisting remain your friend, so take care of them. 

Have a great day.

P.Diddy Confesses Love For Nigeria, Changes Name To Oluwadiddy

The American music icon confessed his love for Nigeria on social network. He even went as far as giving himself a Nigerian name, Oluwadiddy. Wow! That is deep.

I am 100% Naija *winks*

Caption This: Funny picture

Noah's ark of our time. lol

New Movie Alert + Interview: 'American Covenant' To Be Premiered In Dallas Texas And Other Major Cities

Hey people, how are you all doing? Great I hope. You know I have been doing lots of interviews lately (even though my schedule is tight), well I am glad to introduce to you my interviewee *grammar* of the week and he is no other person that my co-host on #1 US Naija community radio Distinct Radio (based in Dallas Texas), but this time around we are here to talk about a new movie coming to your screen very soon. Let me allow you to hear it (or read it) from the horse's mouth (horse's pen or pencil) Read the interview and watch the movie trailer below...

Can we meet you please?
 My name is Ola Ogunkoya  a.k.a Double O,  I am an actor, dancer, model, movie producer, writer, dance instructor and on air personality on  TNI radio (I host a pidgin English show on the radio station every Friday) based in New York. I am also the President/CEO of Double O production and House of Dance Entertainment.   

Can you please tell about your new movie, Majemu America (American Covenant)?
 Majemu America (American Covenant) is a story of love, covenant, betrayal and destiny. The movie revolves around 3 major questions which are: (1) what is your covenant with God? (2) What is your covenant with people?  (3) What is your covenant with yourself? You will find answers to these questions in the movie, and I know that everyone will be able to relate with the story line when they watch it. The movie is fully subtitled in English for the benefit of those who doesn't understand the Yoruba language.

So is the story based on your personal experience or someone else's?
 The story is based on what I saw, what I was told and from an individual who shared his personal experience with me.

Is Majemu America your first official movie production?
 Yes it’s my first official movie production.

Who and who did you feature in the movie?
The cast include but not limited to, my humble self Ola Ogunkoya, Said Balogun, Tai Balofin, Murphy Afolabi, Eniola Badmus, Razak Ajao Araosan, Funke Tanimola ( of cause), Ranti Alore L'america, Lola Faduri (based in New York) and many more.

Have you featured in any other movie(s) aside Majemu America? if yes can you please name them?
YesI featured in The Chameleon, Heart Break by Sola Fosudo, Consequences, Scream, Oko Iyawo, Strange Ransom, Iwe Igbelu, Babalawo L’america, Petepete, Punch Rolla and so on

How did you start your journey into the acting world?
 First of all, I'm a Theater Arts graduate so it's to be expected.  After my graduation, an opportunity came for me to travel abroad which I took, and when I got here I went to KD college of film in Dallas Texas and this has helped me to build my career. I started my career as an actor/writer/ here in the US and considering this is what I have always wanted to do, I'm right at home. 

 I know the movie premiere is coming up soon, can you tell people where to get the tickets and the premiere date(s) too?

 The Dallas Texas premiere is coming on Saturday August 2nd, 2014. Double’ O’ Productions dance group will be performing live, standup comedy by,  Don Manuel [naijamericana). Red carpet will commence by 5.00pm and After Party at Lola’s Lounge, in Irving Texas. Tickets are available at Asafo Market , Kemi’s Kitchen, Lola’s Lounge, Yemsade Restaurant and Yembol Kitchen, Southwest African market  or
Other location(s) and date(s) include, Houston Texas premiere which comes up on August 8, 2014. New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, London and Nigeria premiere dates will be announced later.

 Should we expect more movies from you after Majemu America (American Covenant)?
 By the grace of God we are preparing to shoot the sequel during the winter time, so expect more movies from us soon.

Watch the trailer below...

Fashion Corner: Actress Bless Brown Showing Some Dallas Texas Swag

Like the popular word, "Don't mess with Texas". Dallas based actress, Bless Brown showing some Texas swag.

Beat that.

Her profile is coming to this page soon. Keep your fingers crossed

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stunning! Kelly Rowland Steps Out With Bare Baby Bump On Display

She looks stunning even in pregnancy. See more pics after the cut...

Food For Thought: Do You Know That Self Care Is Health Care?

Hi folks, how are you all doing? I found an interesting topic to share with you today and I hope this information will serve the purpose for which it was intended.

First of all, what is Self Care?
Self Care is the activity of an individual with the intention of improving health, treating or preventing disease.

In other words, Self Care means looking after yourself in a healthy way

While Health Care is, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, illness and other physical and mental impairments in human beings.

Do you know that in 1 year we have 8,760 hours (playing with number)? Check out the breakdown below...

If probably you visit your doctor about 12 times a year (i.e, once every month), and probably spend about 2 hours on each visit, which rarely is the case (because in reality we actually spend between 20 - 45 minutes with the physician), at the end of 1 year, you probably would have spent only about 24 hours out of the 8,760 hours..., meaning that your physician has only 24 hours to fix whatever went wrong with you in that whole 8,760 hours of the year... Remember that, "Physician are not magician".

Fashion Corner: Summer Swag Under The Dallas Sun

Chai... I am now as dark as the bottom of a jollof rice, no thanks to Dallas hot sun.

Even though the weather was 102 degrees (which is why my pimples is accumulating instead of diminishing *covers face*), I managed to doropose for a quick shot somewhere in Dallas.. more pics coming soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video: Haywhy De Rhymer Praising God In A New Dimension - Baba Alagbo Special

Our God is so big and mighty that you can praise him in any dimension and any language, yet he will understand. I just found Haywhy's video and I thought of sharing his dimension of praising Baba God with you all.

The first time I heard the praise rhyme, I kept asking, "who is this guy" and I'm sure you will ask the same question after watching the comedy/praise video. Enjoy...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo: Flashback Friday With Yours Truly

My humble self on the red carpet... pls ignore my makeup, because phone camera don't do justice to 'em. *covers face*

Hehehe.. Check Out This Doropose

Hehehe... I can't stop laughing. We have seen selfie, groundie and even climbie pose but this one... I don't know what to call it.

Please folks give this pose a name o.

Event: Join Wolex Kelly And Friends For a Day Of Fun

Rising Afro-pop artiste, Wolex Kelly invites the general public to come party with him on Sunday August 3, 2014 at the OK Jaz Bar in Ikorodu, Lagos.

The Alujo crooner is proudly supported by Mercyflawless Media,, AMI Tv etc

See more info on the flyer

Meet Supermom9ja... The Voice On Lavomine

Hey peeps how are y'all doing? It's been a long week yet very short. Although I was a bit tired today but I was able to do my radio talk show (TGIF on Roots Radio) and it was exciting as usual. #LifeOfAnArtiste 

Okay back to business...

As y'all know I interview interesting people on this platform occasionally; I was able to corner this 'wordsmith' for a little chit chat. The person I'm talking about is no other than the voice on Lavomine, Bunmi Babs. Enjoy...

For the benefit of this interview, could you please tell us your name and what you do?

My name is Bunmi Babs, a lovechild of a love God. I am a communication professional.

Could you please tell us about your background and education?
I have an HND in Mass-Communication from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria. I'm a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend, and an occasional bitch, lol... I grew up like every other person, even if my sojourn took me on a different, more interesting yet purposed route.

I know you are a blogger or a "Wordsmith" as you call it (smiles), what other job do you do aside blogging?
I'm a Clients' Service executive with a media consultancy, and on the side, an entrepreneur. I do a little karakata... Hehe. I'm also a corporate event compere. Every now and then I get invited by younger people for some 'girl coaching', motivational gig, which I don't refuse. I do voice overs too. I really am a wordsmith, *smiles* words are my tools of trade. I could be a pastor for all you know...hehe.

What exactly do you blog about?
Personality profiling and female motivation majorly. Suffice to say I'm a publicity/lifestyle blogger.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fashion Corner: Throwback Thursday With Yours Truly - At Ankara Festival 2013

Getting funky on the dance floor at Ankara Festival 2013 edition.

Oya bend down low. hehehe

Just For Laughs: The Complainant And The Interrogator...Lolz

I can't stop laughing...LMAO

Photo: Yoruba Vs English Nollywood On City People Fashion & Lifestyle Mag. Double Cover

Yoruba Nollywood divas consisting of Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe and Dayo Amusa are all looking beautiful on the cover of City People Magazine's August 2014 edition.

Check out the English Nollywood actors on the second cover after the cut...

Official Video: Waje - Onye Ft. Tiwa Savage

This video is so hilarious and I like the concept too. If you listen to my radio show every Friday, you will definitely hear me play me this song (I like it because of the two music divas, Tiwa and Waje).

'Onye' is the second track off  Waje's debut album titled W.A.J.E. It features Tiwa Savage, and special appearance by Bryan Okpara, and cameo appearance with one of my fav Naija music diva, Omawumi.

The video which was shot on the streets of Lagos was produced by Spellz and directed by Kemi Adetiba.

Watch the video below...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fashion Corner: Lady In Yellow

Most people do ask me why I normally post yellow dresses on my blog, and I do answer them "It's because I love yellow".

Love me some yellow any day, anytime. But do I have a yellow dress? *runs to check my closet*

Good morning world

Just For Laughs: Pot Calling Kettle Black...lolz

It takes a nosy person to identify another person with the same trait... LMAO

Monday, July 21, 2014

Photos: Selena Gomez Looking Fab In Sheer Top And Feathered Skirt


See another pic after the cut...

Fashion Corner: Ankara On Fire

Hehehehe don't mind the headline "Ankara on fire". But seriously, the style is simple but on point.

Music: TwinsAffair Releases Techzonto Remix Ft. P.Fizzy, AQ & Howmon

Talented singer/songwriters/music producers, Taye and Kehinde Olusola popularly known as TwinsAffair releases the remix of their song Techzonto featuring P.Fizzy, AQ and Howmon.

Listen, download and share the song below...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Music: Joe EL Releases Video For Hit Single - 'Oya Now' Ft. Oritse Femi

Kennis Music artiste, Joe EL releases the official video for new single titled, Oya Now Ft. Oritse Femi. The much anticipated video was released some hours ago.

The audio of the song was produced by OJB few months ago, and the song has been gaining massive airplay since its release. I also play it on my radio show every Friday
Watch the music video below...

Fashion Corner: Rocking African Print With Style

I definitely love this outfit, because yellow is one of my favorite colors.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Corner: Knotted Wrapper... Still Trending


Credit: Princess Busola

TGIF: Join T-ME And Qswyft Live On Roots Radio Love Today

Hey peeps how are y'all doing? great I hope. As you all know that I host 'Thank God It's Friday' on Roots Radio Love, every Friday at 1pm CST/2pm EST/ 7pm UK & Nigerian Time.

I will be having two guest artistes on the show today, and as usual, it's gonna be fun! fun!! and more fun!!! on the show today.

My first artiste on the show is, Nigerian hip hop artiste, Timilehin Obanla a.k.a T-ME, (you remember him? if not you can read his story HERE).

T-ME will be live on the show today, from Naija to Yankee (all na technology).

See the second guest after the cut..

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fashion Corner: Summer Swag

You Like?

Credit: Shally Chris

Seriously Speaking With Olufunke: Don't Be A Wannabe...Be Yourself

This is specially for all the ladies in da house. Most often we (ladies) tend to be bothered about what other people think about us, be it our fellow female or the guys.

The question is, can you really satisfy people by changing who you are, or by allowing them to see their reflection in you? Capital, N-O.

While you are thinking of how to make some certain people like you, why don't you just take a pause and ask yourself this questions...

1. Am I here for me or for them?
2. Do they really care about my own feelings?
3. Am I happy?
4. Do I have to dissatisfy myself because I want to please other people?

If the answer to all the above questions is NO, then you really need to sit down and have a long talk with yourself (yes, you need to have a "ME" time).

Ladies, you don't need someone to compliment your look before you really feel beautiful (Beauty is from the inside).

You don't need an approval from the whole world before you make a career or work choice (Go for your goal).

You don't need to be trampled upon before you can be accepted into a caucus or group (Stop famzing).

You don't need to act rich before people can accept you (Don't be a wanna be).

Yes! You have to be yourself at all times and remember that there is someone ABOVE who approves of you even if the whole world does not. And from me to you, yes you; I want to tell you that you are BEAUTIFUL no matter what they say.


Good morning folks.

Caption This: Exquisite....

This amazing work of art left me speechless.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fashion Corner: Beyonce Rocks African Print

She sure knows how to rock African print. Right?

Audio + Video: KingsQueen Releases Debut Single - Ife Otito (True Love)

Royal Records present IFE OTITO (True Love), the brand new debut single by beautiful singer/model, KingsQueenCelebrating the beauty & strength of Love, the song was composed in English & Yoruba, produced by Kayode Omotade.

Shot on a beach location on the outskirts of Lagos, the video was directed by Frizzle & Bizzle Films and includes cameo appearances by top Nigerian singer, Nikki Laoye &  Temisan Ikomi (popular Dance Choreographer).

See KingsQueen profile after the cut...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Word Of The Day: TODAY is the FUTURE we were planning for YESTERDAY

I couldn't agree less with this word. I believe that the key to our future lies in our hands, and once we discover it, it will only be a matter of time before we arrive at our destination.

Ironically, TODAY is the FUTURE we were planning for YESTERDAY.

It's never too late to invent your own future.

Good morning folks.

Fashion Corner: Check Out Mercy Aigbe's Cute Lace Dress

Actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is no doubt one of the most fashionable actresses in Nollywood.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fashion Corner: Lady In Yellow

Oh how I love yellow.

Credit: Instagram/Reymar

Music Video: Saeon - Boogie Down Ft. Wizkid

Saeon releases the music video to her hit single 'Boogie Down' Ft. Wizkid and directed by Sesan. This song has been playing on most radio stations since it came out, and it has become most dj's favorite too  (I play it on my radio show regularly).

I could say I got to know about Saeon when I heard her song 'Boogie Down' and I've been hooked since then. See the music video below...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Photos: Kefee Finally Laid To Rest

The late gospel singer, Irikefe Obareki Don Momoh popluarly known as Kefee or Branama queen has been laid to rest.

Kefee, who died on June 13, 2014, after being in coma for 15 days, was finally laid to rest today in her hometown, Okpara-inland, Ethiope East Local Government, Delta State. See some of the pics from the burial after the cut...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fashion Corner: Boss Lady Color Combo

Some people definitely know how to combine color. You agree?

Credit: instagram/diced_strawberry66

Just For Laughs: Mumu Question


Music: T-ME Drops Another Hot Single - Over There

Fast rising Nigerian hip hop artist, Oluwatimilehin Obanla aka T-Me (Omode Olowo) CEO of Fahdriguez Entertainment, a student of Health & Environmental Management Canadian University Dubai who shot his debut video in South Africa (directed by godfather productions and produced by ID Cabasa), has dropped another fresh from the oven single, 'Over There'. You remember the first time I wrote a story about a new artist with a new single? In case you missed the story Follow this link

In his words "Over There will rock your world and I guarantee your money back if you listen once and don't put it on repeat! Its a banger, its your song"!

Listen, share and download the song after the cut...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Actress Lola Alao Glows In New Photo

The popular actress, Lola Alao-Ajibola look so different in this picture, I almost did not recognize her.
Besides have you seen her new movie 'Oko Nene'? I saw the movie yesterday and I must say, Lola Alao did a good job.

The story was written and produced by her, and she featured some Yoruba movie A-list stars like, Bukky Wright, Akin Lewis, Adebayo Salami and many more.

Photo: Monalisa Chinda Rocks Super Long Braids

Actress Monalisa Chinda rocks super long braids at Fayrouz fashion show in Lagos, on Saturday. See another pic after the cut...

Music: Twins Affair Releases New Single - Go There

Taye and Kehinde Olusola, popularly known as Twins Affair dropped this new single titled, 'Go There'. The music duo are not only singers, they are also top music producers.

Twins Affair have produced top Nigerian artist like, LKT,  Yung6ix, A-Q, Dr. Pat...

Listen, download and share the new song below...

Fashion Corner: Purple And Gold Combination With A touch Of Red

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