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Actress Sheyi Ashekun Talks About Love, Her BON Awards Nomination & New Movie, Fifehanmi

Hey everyone, I am here again with another exceptional talent. This lady is an actress, a movie producer, a broadcast graduate, a business woman (haba na only you waka She is friendly and down to earth too (chai see advert). Although am supposed to have done the interview a long time ago, but I'm glad we finally got it out of the way. Yayy! I am pleased to introduce to you, the producer of the much talked about educative movie, ARANBADA. Enjoy...

Could you please tell us your full name?  
I am Rukaiyah Oluwasheyi Temitope Ashekun aka Sheyi Ashekun

Could you tell us a little about your educational background?
For my Primary education I attended Command Children School, Bony Camp, Lagos then Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School, Lagos. Then I got my BA in Mass Communication from Babcock University, Ilisan Remo, Ogun state and graduated in 2008.

Could you name some of the movies you've featured in?
I have featured in movies like Omo Elemosho by Yewande Adekoya(we went to Babcock together, we were class mates and very good friends, we still are till date), Ife Ojiji by Shade Olona, Fari kan'la by Bayo Tijani (I got my first nomination as Revelation of the Year Best of Nollywood Awards 2011), Omo Olodo, Opon Ife by Aisha Lawal, Minaj by Bidemi Mustapha, Buga by Femi Adebayo and many more

When exactly did you start acting and when did you decide to produce your own movie? 
My first time in front of the camera was in 2006 when my then class mate and very good friend Yewande Adekoya produced Life Secrets but I did not decide to go fully into acting until in 2009. I finished my NYSC in October 2009 and I started making moves to get into the movie industry and it happened in 2010. I produced my frist movie in 2013 and it was released in 2014

I saw your movie, ARANBADA, is it your first production?
Yes, 'Aranbada' is my first production, it was released in April 2014

Aside ‘Aranbada’, which other movie (s) have you produced?
Aside Aranbada, I have produced another movie titled FIFEHANMI

Photo from Fifehanmi poster
Could you tell us a bit about FIFEHANMI and when is the movie coming out? 
Fifehanmi is a story that reminds us life is never fair, it's a story that reminds us violence against another person is never right, nothing can ever justify violence against another person, also it reminds us that things we do today will have ways of catching up with us in the future. It will be released on the 15th of September 2014 (We did the interview before the date).

 I saw your BON awards nomination, what came to your mind the first time they told you, you were nominated? 
This BON Nomination is not my first, but it's different this time because I was nominated in the best actress category. I don't know how to explain this but it's a whole new feeling. It signifies growth and I can't stop thanking God for it.

Is sheyi Ashekun single, married or engaged? 
I am happy to disclose here for the first time that I am in a very healthy relationship that has brought me nothing but happiness since it started.

Who are your favorites in the movie industry and have u work with any of them before? 
My favourites in the Movie Industry are so many I can't begin to list them. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of them and I am still praying and hoping to get to work with others.

How do you deal with competition in the movie industry? 
On competition in the industry, Yoruba would say "Oju Orun to eye fo, layi f'ara kan'ra" that is, the sky is wide enough for different birds to fly without hindering the movements of one another. The movie industry is too big for any unnecessary or unhealthy competition. I simply focus on my growth and development, no one scares me, no one intimidates me, God in His magnanimity has helped me and has used people to help me get to this point and as long as I keep serving Him, I trust him to take me way beyond.

What are the challenges you are facing as an actress and a movie producer? 
The major Challenge is Money. As an actress people expect you to work for them for free because most people feel they are doing you a favour, as a producer, the problem is still money because you spend so much and the day your movie is released, you find 10 in 1 cds with your movie in it and because they are prirated cds, no money comes back to you. It is really discouraging.

How do you deal with pressure from your male fans? 
Dealing with pressure from male fans really requires tact. As much as possible I try to be tactful and polite and at the same time, I try to draw a limit

Can you date an actor? 
Can I date an actor? Hmmm.... let me put it this way, if I was getting attracted to a man, and someone just mentions "don't you know him? he is a TV personality", I loose it immediately. Most male entertainers feel like species from another planet, like they are God's special gift to the world, to women, I can't stand that. I like real and down to earth men. My man should be my "safe place" I don't want too much public attention in that arear.

Do you believe in love, and have you ever been in love? 
Even if I'm not sure if I was ever in love before now, I am more than sure I am at present. Nothing compares to it. It is so magical, so refreshing and assuring.

What is your relationship with your colleagues in the movie industry? 
I have a cordial relationship with most of my colleagues in the industry. I avoid confrontations with people and I avoid people who go about with drama. A Lot of people don't know this about me but I am a very shy person.

Your advice for up and coming acts? 
My advice to the up coming acts. I hate to tell people this but it is the truth, it is not easy but then, most good things don't come with ease. To survive in this industry, you must be prepared to give your all, be disciplined, be ready to persevere, I tell people there are forces that don't want people to stay in the entertainment world, that is why you keep working for years to make a name and not money in the beginning and it takes the grace of God and good people around you for you to survive while still trying to make that name but you must be tenacious, believe in yourself and above all, reverence God and you will get there.

Any word for your fans out there?

I would like to say a very big Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my life and growth starting with my Parents especially my mom who has NEVER stopped supporting and believing in me, my friends, Tosin Olarewaju, Jumoke Ayokunle, Idera Lawal, these beautiful ladies have been my sisters and backbone for years, they are part of the reasons why I didn't quit.  Shade Olona, Aisha Lawal, Bidemi Mustapha, Yewande Adekoya, you have encouraged me in ways you may never know and I will forever appreciate your assistance. To my boss Adebayo Tijani I can't stop thanking God for leading me to the best, you are simply the best. To Afeez Eniola, the great "Authentic" Muyiwa Ademola and David Otemolu, May you always find favour, to Uncle Femi Adebayo, may the blessings of God never cease from your life. To every blogger, every reporter that has found me worthy of being heard, may you continue to grow, to my fans, the reasons for my relevance and existence in this Industry, may God multiply all that makes you happy. Then to you, Mercyflawless, may you grow beyond bounds. *AMEN* (I'm blushing even though am not oyinbo *winks*)

FIFEHANMI by Sheyi Ashekun is out now, please go grab your copy. And in case you've not seen her first movie, ARANBADA, you can follow this link to see the movie HERE 

Watch FIFEHANMI trailer HERE 


  1. This lady is a good story writer. I just saw Aranbada part 1&2. She did a very good job. May God continue to elevate u from greater height to greater heights. -Your new fan, Ayoola

  2. I watched Aranbada recently, this girl mouth sharp well well for the movie. She did a good job though. Kudos

  3. Sheyi Ashekun, o ku ise opolo. Fifehanmi is a must watch for everyone. Mercyflawless thank you for appreciating all these new talents. They deserve to be heard

  4. Keep it up Seyi, the sky is your limit.

  5. Heard she got an award recently. Funke please bring us the story.

    -your no 1 fan


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