Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"I'm Not Going To Office With Tinted Hair" - Tony Tetuila

Well, it is no longer news that 'You don hit my car' crooner, Tony Tetuilais running for a seat in the Kwara State House of Assembly.What seem to be a news is that, many people are question him, if he will go into office with his tinted hair.

Tetuila spoke to Saturday Tribune about these and other things. Excerpt below...

When they asked him about his reaction to what Nigerians say about his hairstyle
He said: “I am not going to the office to sing, though I am an artiste, I am going to serve my people. I am not going to office with the tinted hair.

“I was discussing with some youth leaders who said I could leave the hair, but now that people are speaking on it, I have to do what my people want.”

On why people  judge him based on his looks and not what he has to offer
Tetuila said: “I only used the blonde hair to campaign because everybody knows Tony Tetuila with that trademark.

They further asked if he was broke

 He said, “how can I be broke? I am not broke, everybody knows where I am coming from, I am not going into politics for the fun of it, we artistes always sing about poverty but rarely do anything about it.

“If you know  songs like “prayer for Naija”  and e go better you will see that we only complain but we don’t do anything about the suffering. We want Nigerians to live a better life. What I am going to deliver matters and not the hair.”

As at this morning, I saw a new poster of Mr Tetuila online. I guess he did what the people wanted. See the new pic below...

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