Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Types Of Meals That Aide Fertility

When we talk about fertility, the first thing that comes to mind is "Women should be concerned about fertility not men". Well, I think both parties got work to do here, it shouldn't be a one party concern.

As human being, we all have our favorite food and drinks, and few of us have our favorite fruit or juice (some people are not really into fruit *don't quote me on that*)

While surfing the internet for different health topics, I found these particular article on PUNCH website. See the 7 types of meals that aide fertility below...

According to research by, these are the foods you should include in your diet on a daily basis, as they have shown to balance your hormones, nourish the bodily system and help promote fertility. They’ll also help you calm down and feel great.

Leafy greens/salads: These are great foods to take because they are very high in iron and folic acids. Iron and folic acids are ideal for both men and women. Eating leafy greens is particularly important for women who have low iron levels, as they are more prone to experiencing infertility.

Hard-boiled eggs: Eggs are frequently cited as among the most effective foods for promoting your fertility, as they are packed with protein, vitamins B12 and E, and often enriched with monounsaturated fat like DHA. The egg is where most of the fertility-boosting nutrients lie.

Fish: Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to regulate the reproductive hormones while increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs. Fish is an exceptionally good source of Omega-3 fatty acid and it is easy to add to your salad or eat with a side of healthy vegetables.

Asparagus: These are a great source of folate, which is responsible for healthy ovulation and it’s also important for healthy sperm production and the quantity of sperm.

Avocados: are a great source of folate, glutathione and potassium and also contain monounsaturated fat (the good kind of fat) which helps regulate the reproductive hormones. Avocado is packed with natural fertility boosters and can be enjoyed as a spread, an ingredient in a salad, with eggs, in guacamole, and many more delicious ways.

Yam: Research suggests that this staple food may contain an ovulation-stimulating substance.

Oranges: Citrus foods such as orange, lemon and grapefruits possess a wealth of Vitamin C, which helps stabilise ovulation and encourages the release of eggs. They are also rich in folate, the naturally-occurring form of folic acid that is known to help women get pregnant and reduce abnormalities in men’s sperm. A high level intake of folic acid each day is advisable.

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