Sunday, May 10, 2015

Exclusive! Mercyflawless Media Unmasked Lagbaja In The United States

Nigerian Afrobeat musician, Lagbaja is presently in the United States on a music tour and so far, the maskman has visited a lot of cities in different States. A private media meet and greet was organised for him in Dallas, Texas by Trendy Africa and Afri Caribb Entertainment on Tuesday April 21, 2015 and I was there to have a chat with him too as part of the media persons.

It was indeed an interesting moment chatting with Omo Baba Mukoko as he opened up on his controversial album/single, 200 Million Mumu, his career, and the reason why he chose to be  different from every other musician by wearing a mask.

FYI: You will hear his funny remarks on some questions I was throwing at him, don't take them serious cos I did not. E.g when I asked him about his children, he mentioned his saxophomes as his kids (pun intended), and when I asked him about his real name at the beginning of the interview, he replied Lagbaja (Pun intended) and so on. Aside those side remarks, his anwers on some questions were very serious and straight forward. Just giving you heads up. Thanks. Listen to the interview below by following the link provided.

Click the link below to listen to my almost half an hour chat with the man behind the mask....


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