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'Producing Movies Is The Best Way To Avoid Sexual Harassment' -Tobi Awosoga

As y'all know I love unveiling talents from different sector on this platform. Okay, I saw a Yoruba movie entitled Eesu (Nemesis) recently and the story kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. After debating on how good the storyline was, I located the producer of the movie on her social media page and engaged her in a chit chat (thanks to technology). 
Sit back, relax and enjoy my chat with the talented actress and mother of 2 as she opened up on her journey into acting, her relationship with her colleagues and so on... *adjusts my keyboard*

For the benefit of this interview, could you please tell us your name and what you do for a living?
I am Tobi Awosoga, a film maker

Your educational background..
I am a graduate of theatre arts from Olabisi Onabanjo University, went to Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School, Ijebu Ode and also saint Anthony Nursery and Primary school.

When did you venture into acting?
I started acting since 1997.

So far, how many movies have you featured in?
Wow... I can't count o, but I have featured in so many like Iranse Aje, Agidi, Ife Ja Funmi, Alantakun, Sebi Ni Abi Ese, Aiye Oloore and many more.

How many movies have you produced to your credit?
11 movies and still counting.

Wow! Could you please name them?
Leyin Odun Mewa, Emi Naa Ko, Aiye Oloore, Fi Ife Han 1&2, Orilomo 1&2, Madake, Kola Adunbarin and Eesu (Nemesis) 1&2

At what point in your acting career did you decide to start producing movies? How was it like when you first started?
I started producing in 2006. I always use my money to produce to get a marketer to sell for me, although it was because my face was new then but I thank God and Oyedele Nig Ltd that took the bold step to sell for me. That, I will always remember.

Do you believe in having caucus of friends in the movie industry before you can be known as an actress? And do you belong to any caucus in particular?

Noooo. I don't have any caucus till date and I am doing great. But I love all my colleagues so well that we interact too well. I have my registered company and I operate with it.

Since you don't belong to any caucus,  do people call you to feature in their jobs?
Oh yes few of them but sweetheart I am not too bothered about that because I got other things doing.

Have ever been a victim of sexual harassment in the hands of producers?
Nope. That was what prompted my film producing gangan, thanks to my father always. That's the best route to avoid sexual harassment (movie production).

Your role model or mentor in the movie industry?
All of my colleagues, we are all learning from each other. Equal love I have for them all.

Describe Tobi in few words?
Wow... Tobi a very straight forward no nonsense woman with a very large heart to forgive so many times.

I know you have 2 lovely daughters, Adeewa and Jomiloju, how is it like combining motherhood with acting?

Very interesting darling, I am really enjoying both.


  1. Tobi is an awesome lady. Best wishes.

  2. I love her movie, Eesu. She is a good story writer n actress too

  3. Tobi is an exemplary actress of this generation that l think people should emulate. She so pleasant,humble,kind-hearted,virtuous,hardworking,creative & crafty & to cap it up,she's godly. Just keep watching the pace she'smoving in her career & adjudge her in the years to come. More grace to your elbow Princess of the Most High.

  4. Are words enough to appreciate you all?

    I am greatly honoured. I never knew until now much I am loved by you all.

    Your comments and views on YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, Viber, BBM & various social media are awesomely encouraging.

    Thank you for watching Eesu (Nemesis), I believe you had a lot to learn from it.

    Please be informed that another educative movie is on the way, AGBOOLA, from yours truly (TOBI AWOSOGA).

    For you, I am and for me, you are. I love you all!

  5. nollywood still have a long way to go..... how can you produce 11 movies in few years....what do you know about production...... must of you think its the number of film that will bring you to limelight ........ do you think oou is all u need to be a good producer....pls learn...instead of you producing every year save and learn
    tobi i know you can do more than counting the number of movies you have produced

    you have the brain........

  6. Sincerely Tobi Awosoga I am so proud of you even with the situation in your country you still produced just 1movies in a year. sweet, you are the best. Compare to those that produced like 10 movies in just one year, my sister God help you more proud of you always.


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