Monday, June 22, 2015

Photos From My Vacation In Miami, Florida Last Weekend

Since school is on holiday and summer 2 semester is not starting until July 13, my bf (private) and I decided to visit Miami, Florida for summer vacation. And being our first time in Florida, we decided to do transit by boarding a plane from Dallas to Orlando, Orlando to Miami.

The trip was hitch free until we got to Miami and walked a very long distance to the baggage claim area (writing a review on Florida airports soon, watch out)... We lodged in a cozy hotel in South Miami and drove (first time I drove a car outside Texas) almost an hour to Pembroke Pines the next day cos I wanted to shop for my swimsuits at Bealls Outlet (they don't have any store in South Miami, hence, the long travel).

Then on Saturday June 20, we drove to South Beach Miami after a brief stop at Bealls to pick up a purse, dress and a top (Again! Yep). I enjoyed the serenity of the beautiful beach. I didn't want to leave until the weather reminded me that it was getting late and the night drew near. I will definitely pen down my experience at the beach in the near future. Meanwhile, check out random photos from my beautiful trip below and after the cut...

purse and dress from Bealls (Arriving at DFW Airport..after the vacation)

swimsuit and hat from Bealls

outfit and hat from Bealls (basket bag from Burlington)

Day 2 at Bealls

Day 1 at Bealls

Arriving at Miami Int'l Airport

Departing Miami.. arriving at Tampa, Florida
I didn't wear jewelry at the airport cos it saves me time at the airport security check point. Taking off jewelry take too much time.

Looking forward to another vacation already. Next location..... Loading....


  1. Gbogbo big girl. Enjoy yourself

  2. Chai, dis babe sabi chop life. Ride on jare


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