Friday, June 19, 2015

TGIF With Yours Truly: Broadcasting Live From Miami, Florida

Hey folks, how are you all doing? It's a beautiful day here in Miami, Florida. Yep! Am gonna be broadcating live from the beautiful city of Miami (vacationing).

Y'all know I love Fridays cos that is the day I get to have fun with my listeners all over the world. Some of my frinds were asking me if I would be able to broadcast in the middle of my vacation. Oh, yeah! *winks*

Even though I love traveling and I get excited when I have to go on a trip (globe troting is definitely one of my hobbies), I usually love to stay abreast of my passion wherever, whenever. And blogging and broadcasting are two of my passion aside acting (my first love).

Am gonna be talking about lots of things on the program today. Please tune in at 1pm CST/2pm ESt/7pm Nigerian time on and you can also download the ROOTSRADIOLOVE App on Android/Apple/Blackberry.

Catch ya later.

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