Sunday, July 19, 2015

'Being A Celebrity Stylist Requires Hard Work, Patience & Prayer' -Abbyke Domina

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging 'task' one could embark on. Being a pace setter in this fast forward and technology addicted generation is not a child's play either. Some of the secret to being at the fore front of the stage is taking risk, determination, hard work and PRAYER (of course). Whenenver I see a female doing well for herself in a chosen career, I tend to respect and support them. Y'all know how I love showcasing unique talent (s) on this platform, ranging from music artiste, actors, comedian, fashion stylist, Talk Show Hosts and so on. The wonderful designer I brought today is definitely not a stranger in the fashion industry at home and abroad (yep, we that live abroad knows her designs). I recently had a brief chat with her and here is the outcome of our tete-a-tete. Enjoy.... 

Who is Abbyke Domina?
Abbyke Domina is celebrity fashion designer and stylist,also publisher of the popular online magazine called The Celebrity Shoot.

Your educational background and when you ventured into fashion designing?
I'm a graduate of university of Lagos, last born in the family of four. Native of Lagos State, Nigeria. I ventured into fashion designing in June 2013.

 What was childhood like?
Childhood was great, it was nice growing up where you had different people with different mission in life. You know what growing up in Lagos means; it motivates the hardworkers to multitask in order to achieve their goals.

Do you consider yourself a fashion consultant and what does it take to be an award winning celebrity stylist?
Yes I’m a fashion consultant.  And being a celebrity stylist requires hard work, patience, and prayers.

Congrats on the launching of your new fashion magazine, could you please tell us a bit about it?
The Celebrity Shoot Magazine, is a dream come true, it was never planned, I will say that's why I cherish my quiet moment a lot, I meditate on a lot things. It just came as a thought, now it's a reality. To God be the Glory, HE took me higher than I was. Amen

How is it like combining your job with motherhood and being a wife?
Once you learn how to multi task. It will work out

Your fashion icon/role model (s)?
Me, myself and I . I can wear agbada and make it a trend

Do you consider yourself a fashion Icon?
Yes of course , a lot of people look up to me.

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  1. Nice Interview. I hope non celebrity can afford her beautiful design


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