Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blogger's Diary: The Good, The Bad & The Beauty Of My Florida Trip

Although it's been two weeks since I visited Miami, Florida but the memory lingers. I once said in my vacation post that I will share my Florida experience here in the near future; I guess the future is here. *adjusts my seat*

My journey from Dallas International airport (my base) to Orlando International airport where I had a one hour layover was a smoot ride. And because of my short stay at the airport, I couldn't take a tour to its end but the first place I visited as we landed was the ladies. The ladies... very small and not so spectacular.

While taking a quick tour to a store to grab a drink and snack at Orlando airport, I noticed how the main hallway floors were so dirty and unclean. I guess the airport cleaners went on some sort of holiday. Although my layover at the airport was short, I could not but notice the dirty floors.

After 45 minutes at the airport, American Airlines called on all passengers to board. We all boarded and we continued our journey. The eagerness or probably the curiosity of seeing the Miami beach made me forget my experience at Orlando airport, not without planning to write about my little experience with the dirty floors.

As I sat in the window seat enjoying the beautiful view from the sky, the captain's voice brought me back to reality as he announced that we would be landing at the Miami International airport in few minutes. I adjusted my seat as I look forward to see the city of "WEAMI" (Miami).

We landed at the Miami International airport safely but I was at the airport for almost an hour waiting for my checked bag. The trip to the baggage claim is a very long story cos I got pissed at a point that I almost wanted to turn back (I wish) and go back home to Dallas. I finally got my bag after walking the lenght and breadth of the huge airport (chai! Miami airport is so big).

After spending four days in the beautiful city of Miami, it was time to return home to Dallas. I got to the airport almost two hours before my flight, twenty minutes before my boarding time, I was still on the line trying to check in my bag for a local flight (seriously!). When I finally managed to get to the front of the line, the front desk lady kept me waiting by holding on to my boarding pass and telling me stories of all the airports in America that delays passengers (am like are you for real! you are actually delaying me). When I saw that she won't stop talking, I reminded her that my flight would leave me if she doesn't hand me my boarding pass in 2 mins. She handed me my boarding pass as she continued her mumu talk (I bet she must be bored).

On my second day in Miami, I went for shopping in the beautiful city of Pembroke Pines (details in my vacation photos post).

On the third day, I visited the South beach (Yayy!) and it was fun all the way. My beach experience is probably the only beautiful experience I can recall. All other experiences in Orlando and Miami are better imagined. Overall, my trip to Florida was worth the while because of my visit to the beach. Ciao

Looking forward to another vacaton already.

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