Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy New Month Folks

Happy new month folks. I pray that the new month will usher in God's abundant blessings. And the Lord shall uproot every unwanted fruits from our lives.

The past few weeks have been quite challenging but I thank God that the month of July ushered in uncommon blessings, favor, peace and grace.

I want to implore you all to be steadfast in your prayers. No matter the challenges you go through, God is willing to take them away and turn them to a thing of the past. All you gotta do is, call on HIM and HE will answer your prayers.

And I want you to remember that, not everyone who portray themselves as angels have good intention, some are worse than the devil. Be watchful, be careful,  PRAY without ceasing and lean not on your own understanding. Shalom!

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