Friday, July 17, 2015

Nigerian Veteran Actress, Iya Awero Opens Up On Why She Didn't Remarry

If you are a Nigerian and you don't know who she is, you need to come pay me some consultation fee. *winks*

Nigerian veteran actress, Lanre Hassan aka Iya Awero has been on stage and screen for over 50 years. I remember how I love seeing her in movies (both Yoruba and English movies) as a young girl cos there were not many actors back then unlike now that we don't know 80% of our actors due to the large number. Is that good or bad? *point to ponder*

The veteran actress opened up to The Nation Newspaper in a brief chat recently about the loss of her husband, the death of her 2 kids and why she decided not to remarry. Read excerpt below...

“It is so painful that my husband did not live up till this moment to see what I have become today. He was very patient and understanding.

“I didn’t see any cause to remarry because doing that means I have to start all over again. I already have children and I just decided to focus on them. Having another marriage might lead to neglecting of my children, and I didn’t want that,” explaining why she didn’t remarry.

“Even when I lost two children while shooting and had people saying all sort of things, like spiritual attack, we didn’t believe in that, because my God is sufficient enough,” she added.

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