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We Are Building An Empire Through Blogging - Popular Blogger, Olori Supergal

Being a successful female entrepreneur in this generation is one task that requires perseverance, humility, hardwork, determination, can-do attitude, and of course, faith (yep). It takes a woman who believe in herself to be at the helm of decision making in this time and day. Y'all know how much I love supporting young vibrant entrepreneurs like myself *winks* which is the reason why I cornered Nigerian entrepreneur, Tosin Ajibade, the brain behind the popular  Olorisupergal (blog/website) for a chat

Ajibade recently made Nigeria's 100 most influential people list. She is an accountant turned blogger, she is a facilitator of many web/media training. She knows her onions in the blogsphere. In this not so brief chat, OloriSupergal opened up on her journey into the entrepreneurial world. Read our chat below and after the cut... 

Who is Olori Supergal and how did you come about the name, Supergal?
Olori means Queen in Yoruba. I love royalty. Supergal came from the name Superman and it simply means you are capable to do anything.

Could you please tell us a bit about your background?
I am a Graduate of Lagos State University , Bsc Accounting. Pan Atlantic University, School of Communications in Media Enterprise. I am from Ekiti State.

How come you choose blogging over accounting, your course of study?
My Passion led to it. My passion for Blogging started out of nothing and no hope. I had a degree in Accounting and I was also working at that time, blogging came in between and that was it. I never knew it was going to be this big.. I never saw anything coming out of it but now we are building an empire.. Lol!!

How long ago did you become a blogger?
It's been six years now.

As a successful blogger, what is your success story like?
My success story started way back and I think it's been a part of me while growing up. The never say never spirit and continue until you get it. My success story on blogging and also being a  Digital media  strategist happened and it was never planned. I saw opportunities and I went for it. Everything I know today , I learnt them online. I never knew how to blog before I started but I learnt everything online from people who referred someone they know from some where and then we became friends. In this day and age, it is not easy to trust anyone you meet online and I was careful at that time while communicating with a lot of people online.
Seeing that what I was doing was becoming lucrative, money started coming in. When there is money, the passion must not die. Focus more on what drives you than the money and don't get me wrong, the money too is good but there should be a balance. I have tried everything I could while growing up to be an entrepreneur. Those who knew me back then in school and church knew I would always bring something new out and say BUY.
Getting into blogging wasn't planned it was like one of those things I was trying out and then it became the biggest thing that event happened to me. In my career, I have met with a  lot of dignitaries and business moguls,  this job has taken me  far and wide, it has opened doors for me with Kings and Queens and I have also been able to carry people along with me despite all of this because one should not forget where he or she is coming from and that is important. I also understand we all need to be at the top but what happens when you need help from people, you still need to go back to those you started with. In my life, I have studied people and their success, most times when I talk about Kim Kardashian and her 'success' it is beyond the sex tape, it is them recognising what they can build out of it and become what they are today. they have an empire, they are always in the news and they know what they want which is CLEAR. If you ignore what they do bad and focus on their good then you will discover how smart the Kardashian family are.
My success is a journey and this is saying thank you to everyone who played a role in my life and business.
Now the blogging business is becoming stiff, everyone has to up their game and try new things but remember to stay winning.

What advice would you give to upcoming bloggers?

Look for your niche and stay on your game. Everyone can't become a blogger and again most people don't want to learn or read. I read and it's not like I am dedicated to it but I read pieces online and I also buy books too on Social media, Leadership, Business etc this is to build myself in all areas so it's one bit here and the other there before you know you are getting yourself together. You can copy a business model but you can never be them because they won't tell you their secret.  Before starting to blog, ask yourself why you want to do it and what difference are you going to bring into this. What will make you stand out? It's three things - It's either you are yourself, you lie or you are a third party.

What are the pros and cons of being a blogger, especially a popular blogger like yourself?
There a lot  -   I will mention few here;
. Be consistent
. Be innovative.
. Be creative and be ready to learn

What will you do differently if given a chance to be at the helms of power?
A good question; what will I do differently -  that's a huge task. The question goes back to what has been destroyed and what each and everyone has to do . We all have a role to play whether good or bad but what will you stand for.

How do you relax on a typical no blogging day?
I watch movies and I am a TV freak.

I know you support a lot of women foundation on your website. Could you please shed more light on that?
I believe in supporting other women in their business regardless of what they do, we have been doing this for some years and personally, I have made good friends out of supporting women. I don't see as a big deal. But some women too have abused it so they come for 'help' all the time and they don't when to do business. What I do is to find a balance in it; that's all.

Have you thought of starting a training workshop for upcoming bloggers soon?
I have been doing this since 2014. It started when I had a lot of request from people who want to learn from me and I saw that It's best I let people learn from me. I had two different sessions in 2014 - one in April and the second one was in July. The photos were published on Instagram.  Since we had our first event under Olori Supergal Company,  New Media Conference, the response has been overwhelming and it does not stop there. We are currently working on the next edition for 2016. We will be having our 3rd Social media workshop in August 2015 just for two weeks.

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