Sunday, August 16, 2015

Actress Sheyi Ashekun Spotted In Paris Eating Roadside Corn (Photos)

Nigerian actress, Sheyi Ashekun recently went to Paris, France for a short vacation with some of her colleagues in the movie industry.

The Mass Communication graduate was spotted buying and eating roasted corn on the street of Paris with Bose 'Aiyemi' Oladimeji. Haba Sheyi na so you don miss Naija reach? But I no mind if you DHL some roasted corn to me too o. *covers face*

The 'Aranbada'  and'Fifehanmi' producer attended Naija carnival in Paris with other Nigerian actors like, Said Balogun, Aisha 'Omoge Campus' Abimbola, Bose Oladimeji and others. Pasuma Wonder also performed live at the event with his band from Nigeria. It was indeed a fun trip, because all the artistes took enough photos as they toured different cities and countries in Europe. See more Photos of Sheyi as you continue below and after the cut...

Before the roasted corn episode

Sheyi & Bose doing justice to the roadside corn

Sheyi, Omoge Campus & Bose Oladimeji


  1. Sheyi stop eating corn at the roadside o. Meanwhile, I thought celebrities don't eat at the roadside. Just asking

  2. Kudirat OmosansanbiowoAugust 16, 2015 at 4:19 AM

    Shoro niyen? So celebrities are not human being. Sheyi I love you for being so humble, unlike the rest that are living Range Rover life on keke napep salary

  3. I never knew she is so humble. I thought she was arrogant cos of the roles she plays in movies. Talk about, never judge a book by its cover.

  4. Na wa for haters o, hating on someone's post early Sunday morning. Shior


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