Friday, August 14, 2015

From A Blogger's Desk: Create your own Rhythm....

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to my radio show on Roots Radio today. I appreciate you all. Let's do it again next week Friday at 1pm CST/2pm EST/7pm Nigerian on

I spoke about a particular topic today and after my show, I did my analysis about that particular topic and I arrived at a quote "When you find out that the dance floor is empty, create your own music, rhythm and dance steps. You will make a good spectacle by doing that."

Most times we expect people to join us on the dance floor when the music is no longer interesting to them, but when we turn around, we often find out that, we are left alone on the dance floor to face the quiet music. In this case, create your own music and rhythm from within. Create your own dance steps. You will make a good spectacle to the audience who left you alone in th first place. By doing these, you will become a center of attraction and attention for good.

Back to the reason behind my parable or quote as you'll call it:

A certain leader was left in the lurch by the same people who ate his food and drank wine with him when the the going was good. As soon as he lost his power and leadershp position, everyone turned their back on him and left him to face the beat alone. Hmmm... like Yoruba people will say, 'Ese girigiri ni'le anj'ofe, anj'ofe ku tan, ile e di ahoro.'

Some people will only hang around you because they want to eat from your largess and bread crumbs that fall from your table; immediately your cup runs dry, all of them will deny knowing you. Even those that were your close ally will deny not knowing you from Adam. Remember the story of Peter in the Bible when he denied JESUS Christ.

Let he who stand be careful, lest he fall.

Be helpful and kind to people, but make sure that the people that rode with you in the limo will take danfo (commercial) bus with you if needed.

Live! Love!! Laugh!!! Learn!!!!

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