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'I Am A Girl On Fire' - Sahara TV Host, Toyosi Phillips

Hello! Hello! I'm back again *In Garry Glitter's voice* Y'all know how I love bringing young and vibrant entertainers, broadcasters and designers from all over the world to this platform. Yeah, we roll like that. Alright, back to business of the day. *sips my mango nectar juice* ( at midnight nitori Olorun Funke!)

The young lady I brought today is originally from Nigeria, but she moved to the United States in 2013, she attended the famous New York Film Academy, where she obtained a diploma in Broadcast Journalism. Ever since she completed her education, the beautiful media personality has been soaring higher and higher in both TV and Radio world at home and abroad. I'm sure the name Toyosi Phillips rings a bell. The Sahara TV host of 'The Gist' with Toyosi, in a chat with Mercyflawless Blog opened up on her journey to America, favorite vacation spot, favorite media icons and so on. You know how it is when a 'host is hosting a host' (rolls eye). Sit back, relax, and enjoy our tete-a-tete below and after the cut... *adjusts my keyboard*  

Could you please tell us about your background and journey into the media world?
I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and schooled and lived there for the first 21 years of my life. It was 21 years of winning dance competitions at parties and class awards shows; 21 years of singing, acting and getting into trouble with teachers; and 21 years of making mistakes, learning and trying to understand/tame myself.
I got my first degree in Economics at Bowen University and second in Economic Development and Policy Analysis at University of Nottingham, UK. I got a job a little while later and then realized I was doing the wrong thing, so I quit my job and moved to New York city where I obtained a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism at the New York Film Academy. That’s how the new chapter of my life started.

If you were not a media personality, what would you have been?
A singer. I’d probably have gone through the same motions and then quit my  job for singing.

Where would you rather be? New York or Nigeria? And why?
I’d rather be in New York, which is where I am now. There's still so much to learn here!!

What are the challenges you face as a Nigerian media personality living in the United States? And what are the advantages?
Challenges of being a Nigerian personality living in the United States…  I really can’t think of any right now. I’m still working on my craft, trying to own my space and be secure in my skills so I don’t see anything as a challenge, I see everything as a learning processes.
 Advantages of being here: I’d say being a Nigerian is actually an advantage. I get to be a part of the potpourri of people and I love it. It gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Would you consider yourself a feminist?
To be honest, I’ve not given much thought to that word. I hear it get thrown around a lot but… it doesn’t do anything to me. I just know for myself that I can’t be and won’t be stopped from getting anything that I want from life.

What does fashion mean to you and do you consider yourself a trendsetter?
(Laughs) No, I don’t consider myself a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. I generally tend to choose comfort over trends. Fashion to me means “getting it right” all the time and that’s not me.

What is one thing you can't leave home without?
My keys!!! And lipgloss. 2 things.(lol)

As an actress living in the United States, would you act naked if asked to do it for $1million?
I don’t think I would but if I did, it won’t be for the money, it’ll be for the experience. Don’t get me wrong, the money will come in very handy but I’ll do it more for the experience with the assurance that it will be a tastefully done scene.

Since the emergence of the social media, would you consider it good or bad?
Both but from personal experience, more good than bad.

Describe Toyosi in few words?
A girl on fire

Your favorite vacation spot and why?
Right now, it’s Miami. It’s so much fun!

Your favorite media personality (ies) and why?

Oprah because she’s Oprah, Wendy Williams because she’s the reigning queen of gist, Denrele for his crazy but super-real personality.

Bae is on fire for good.

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