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'Comedy Is Not A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle' - Nigerian-American Comedian, Femi Obama

You won't believe who I have here on the not-so-hot seat today. It is no other person than NAFCA nominated favorite comedian, Femi The Entertainer aka Femi Obama. I had to travel all the way from Texas to Tennessee to conduct the interview (through the internet of course... hehehe). He is one of the few actors/stand up comedians that can imitate anyone 'imitatable' (Chai! English) including President Obama, hence, the reason why he goes by the name Femi Obama. Sit back relax and enjoy our little chat. Meanwhile, if you find any of his answer of-topic, remember he is a comedian. Enjoy....

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm a charming guy I think. Lol. I'm a Comedian. I'm called of God. I would love to take the glory and say I brilliantly found my path into this career but I can't take God's credit. He lead me and opened the doors to a great career for me. Everyday is like playing and Thank God the impact is limitless in the lives of people.

Tell us a bit about your background?
Middle Class Nigerian family, not to poor not too rich but boarding school showed me pepper. I begged my father to withdraw me since the end of first semester. My mom blocked my petition till SS1... hehehe. 

Is being a comedian borne out of talent or an hobby?
Wow, Being a comedian is a life that you don't choose but you are  born into. I either got fired from every job I did or something happened, I quit or whatever. I just was born for this and nothing else.

Aside being a Comedian, you are also an actor and a singer. How do u combine all of them?
Well I beleive God gives talent in threes. I have friends who are accountants, know finance and strong in I.T , singer Actor Dancer. Actor /Singer /Comedian. Singer/ Pastor/ Author and so on...
I like to liken my story to that of Jamie Foxx.  I knocked on the door of the Music Industry but the door that opened was to an audience who would rather hear jokes so I gladly brought that talent out.

Okay let's talk about fashion. As a fashionable comedian, can you define 'style' in your own word? know you cannot keep shopping at Forever 21 when you're now 31. Lol

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment and what was it?

Ah you want to spoil my that no ladies look my side again abi? Later we go
But if I must say. An embarrassing moment is that moment when you try to tell your parents you want to be a performer and they're like ummmm as in performer of  surgery right? And you're like in performer on stage. Tough

How does it feel like being able to imitate president Obama so well?
I feel blessed to be able to do all the impressions I do. Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan, Bill Clinton,Bill Cosby (which is not a great one to do right this moment), Peter Griffin and the cast of Family Guy, and others. It's a gift. That's all I can say. Cuz I rarely sit down and say I want to practice my impressions. It's just a gift.

Your role model (s)?
Russel Peters, Keegan Michael Key from Key and Peele, Chris Rock, Maz Jobrani, Jerry Seinfield.

As an actor, how many movies have you featured in so far?
I played a 419 in the award winning " Of Sentimental Value" with Malik Yoba, Tiny Lister aka Deebo, John Dumelo.  I played a loverboy/player in another independent movie "Her Mr. Right" . I'm like, why won't they cast me for something good like Pastor or Super hero that saves the world. But you know in the beginning even if they ask you to come play witch doctor, once you see how much they want to pay, you will jump at it and say I will go for deliverance

What are your goals and aspirations as a comedian?
My ultimate dream... I would love to follow the great comedians like Jay Leno, David Letterman and also do late Night. Let me know whenever they start accepting black people for that role. I defintely have Saturday Night Live within my sights and I know I have an animated series inside of me, somewhere. But for now I'm having a blast doing stand up.  I don't think I ever wanna quit that.

Come Wednesday September 16, 2015, Comedian Femi Obama will be live in Dallas for his Live Taping at THE BRICKHOUSE LOUNGE, 2525 E Arkansas Lane, Suite 253, Arlington, Texas. 76010

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