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'I Match My Makeup With What I Wear' - London Based MUA, Bimbo Balogun

Bimbo Balogun

Y'll know how Mercyflawless Blog goes out of her way to bring raw talents from all over the world to this platform (winks). The beautiful lady I brought today is not an exception. 
I travelled all the way from America to the United Kingdom (by internet of to bring this interview to you all. This MUA is not only beautiful, she's also very smart and intelligent; talk about beauty and brains, she got em. Allow me to introduce you to Bims Fix boss, all the way from London. Enjoy our chat below and after the cut...

Who is Bimbo Balogun?
Abimbola Balogun Nee Onabule was born in the Uk on the 3rd of November (many years ago).  The 3rd child and 1st daughter of Mr And Mrs Abayomi Onabule from Ogun state Nigeria. I am married with 3 sons. I am the Chief Executive and Operating Principal of Bimsfix Makeup Artistry which was founded in January 2014. I am a self-trained creative makeup artist and headgear (gele) specialist dedicated to serve clients who desire to enhance their facial beauty by giving them flawless makeovers.  I have done so many jobs ranging from bridal, party guest, video shoots, photoshoots & many more. 

Could you please tell us a bit about your educational background?
My Nursery and Primary school education was at Mate Nursery and Primary school in Lagos, Nigeria. I later did my secondary school education at Federal Government College Sagamu (1998 set). After my secondary school education, my parent relocated us to the UK to live and further our studies. When I got to the UK, I did my A' Levels in Business Studies at Waltham Forest College, Waltham Stow. I also developed a passion for IT, so I took a computer course called CLAIT at Newham College, East Ham London. In 2003, I attended East London University and graduated in 2006 with a BSC in Business and IT. Due to my passion for the beauty industry, I enrolled in a Top London Beauty academy where I studied and obtained A NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Makeup.
Bimbo & her sister glammed up 
How long have you been a makeup artist?
I have been a professional Makeup Artist for almost 2years

How do you combine your job with motherhood and being a wife?
Being a working mom to 3 young boys between the ages of 2 to 7 is a bit challenging, but I try my best to make it work. I try to create time for my family, which is the most important thing to me. As a Makeup Artist, I work most weekends, but I try to balance up. My kids understand the nature of my work and they know mummy won’t be available most weekends and some weekdays. So whenever I am available, I make the best use of the time by spending it with my family.

What are the challenges of being a makeup artist?
As an individual I really dont have challenges, I see them as stepping stones because its not work but a way of life.
Bims Fix work
You recently travelled to Austria to do makeup for a couple, what was the experience like?

My Trip to Austria was one of the most memorable trips I have made outside the country. It is always an honor to be called upon for my services outside the country. It was a wedding ceremony between a Nigerian and a Sierra-Leonean where I had the opportunity to provide my makeup and gele services to the Bride, the bride's mum, the groom's mum and groom's family. The experience was overwhelming, I was able to glam everyone up perfectly accordingly to their requests and the feedbacks were very remarkable.
Bims Fix work
What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion means a lot to me. It is about expressing one's identity, showing people who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes and your looks to tell someone something about you. To me fashion means that I can be myself by wearing what I feel shows my identity and what I feel comfortable in.  I love to be creative with my overall look, in some cases I try to match my makeup with what I am wearing. That’s not a rule, but it’s just a choice. In some cases, make-up can add a much needed touch to some outfits.

Describe yourself in few words?

A very creative and passionate makeup artist with the zeal of acquiring more knowledge. A professional beautician with so much passion for anything about beauty and fashion.

Where can we find your work(s)?
Some of my works can be found on my Facebook pages ( Bimsfix Mua and Bimsfix Beauty) and Instagram (@bimsfix). I am committed to providing my clients with glamorous and quality customer service which is the heart of my business ethics and as a result I get happy and satisfied customers along with resounding referrals.

Bims Fix work

Bimbo Balogun

Bims Fix Work


  1. Bimsfix did a fantastic makeover for me for my daughter's engagement & wedding both on the 28th & 29th 9f August 2015. Bimbo you're a gem. All the best in the industry. Thanks Bimsfix Olufunmilola Aderinokun 😘

  2. Bimsfix did a fantastic makeover for me for my daughter's engagement & wedding both on the 28th & 29th 9f August 2015. Bimbo you're a gem. All the best in the industry. Thanks Bimsfix Olufunmilola Aderinokun 😘


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