Monday, September 14, 2015

Miss Georgia 2015 Wins Miss America 2016 Beauty Pageant (Photos)

Miss America 2016 held on September 13, 2015 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The night started with 52 beautiful ladies representing all the states in America. During the first elimination, 37 beauties were eliminated and only 15 was left for the swimsuit session.

Then they cut them down to 12 for an evening gown struts. The third elimination only left 7 girls standing, for the question and answer session.  I was glued to my TV from start to finish (Find the videos on my instagram page). Although I was rooting for Miss Texas (because I'm from Texas of course) from the beginning but had to add Miss Alabama and Miss Georgia to my list because of their poise, elegance and beauty.

Miss Texas only made it to top 12 before she was eliminated, Miss Alabama on the other hand was the 4th runner up with $10,000 win.

Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell emerged winner of the crown and $50,000 in scholarship. It was indeed a beautiful night with all the girls on stage setting it on fire. See more pictures of the new Miss America 2016 below as you continue...

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