Friday, September 11, 2015

TRUST: If You Can't Trust Them, Don't Date Them (Article)

So, I have been meaning to write about 'TRUST' for a while now, but for some reasons I always push the topic aside until I had a discussion with some folks that told me their experiences with untrusting partners.

Remember, trusting your partner, is as important as loving them.

First of all, TRUST is very important in every relationship, either between friends or lovers. If you do not trust your partner, why be in a relatonship with them in the first place?

It is so unfortunate that the ones that does something shady are the ones quick to distrust their partners becasue they feel the latter is doing the same thing they do. SMH, Get well soon.

If you will have to monitor your parner's every move, if you'll have to set a time for them to go to work and come back home within a certain time frame, then there is a huge problem in such relationship.

A relationship without trust is like a phone without battery, no matter how long you keep it, it will never work.

To all the lovers monitoring their partners and insinuating what is not, the devil is dancing etighi in your head and you definitely need a fire fighter to put out the fire (no apologies).

Stop tormenting your partner; if you can't trust them, don't date or marry them biko. Stop wasting people's time and enter BRT lane.

To be continued....

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