Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weird or Not? Woman Paints Donald Trump With Her Menstrual Blood

Y'all know that American Billionaire and Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been getting on a lot of people's nerves with his utterances (he is very proud). And even though he cared less about whose horses is gourd, yet, people throw stones (literally) at every given chances.

One of such people is Oregon based artist, Sarah Levy. The angry lady took it upon herself to store up her menstrual cycle blood to paint Mr Trump (lol). Did she go too far? I wonder how she was able to stand the smell of the blood while painting (eww).

Although I am not a fan of Trump, but I won't go that far to ridicule someone who doesn't even know if you exist or not.
See the blood paint picture and the tweet that infuriated the artist below...

According to the artist's statement to Buzzfeed News, she said the red luster painting faded to brown few days after she made it.

Oh well. I wonder if Trump will notice the painting, and if he does, he'll definitely fire back some shots. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

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