Saturday, October 17, 2015

Article: My 5 Ways Of Relieving Stress

We all know that, stress is part of living. Whether we like it or not, we have to go through stress at every point in our lives.

First of all, what is stress? Stress is our bodies' ways of responding or reacting to different kinds of threats or demands.

The past few days has been so stressful, especially with my not-so-new full time job, fall semester classes, media job and activities of daily living. Whew!!!

While I was relieving myself of the stress with my self discovered techniques, I thought I should share it on the blog. And here we are...

1. Exhale- Free Your Mind Of Worries
The first thing you can do to help yourself is try to forget whatever you might be going through. Because most times, when the head is too full, one will not only be stressed, you'll also start getting irritated by every little thing, and you'll end up pissing people off with your not-so-nice attitude. Well, I try to be as calm as possible whenever I'm stressed. I can't afford not to be nice because, I work in the hospital, and my patients need my attention and my smile to make them feel better. So, whenever I feel stressed and I had to go to work, the first thing I do as soon as I step out of my house is, forget my stress and face the day head-on with my cute smile (I love to smile but not in pictures tho). By the time I get to work, I am as happy as a puppy (lol). I am always happy at work. It makes my day easier too.

2. Soak yourself in a bath tub or step under the shower
Do you know that, one of the best stress reducer is water? Yep, try it and see. I got home from work the other day and I was as tired as a log of wood. But as soon as I stepped under the shower, I felt some sort of relief. I ran the warm water and stayed under the shower for as long as I could remember. While the water was performing some magic stress therapy in my body, I was able to reflect on the event of the day and was able to think of how to make the next day less stressful. By the time I got out of my almost 30 minutes shower (lol, it was that long).  I felt relieved and ready to start the day again. Thank God for my clock that reminded me that it was time to go to bed. Talk about the magic of water therapy. Amazing!

3. Listen to Good Music
Aside being a media personality, music have always been my first love (aside my mum and dad of course). Give me music in the midst of a war, and I won't even hear the rockets (hehe, no try am o). Didn't Shakespeare wrote, "If music be the food of love, play on"? Yep, music is not only the food of love, it is also food for the soul. Most times, when I'm feeling so stressed and the shower is too far away to jump in, I just drown myself in music, relieving the moment. Music therapy has helped me in more ways than one. God bless whoever invented or started music

4. Clean the House
Have you ever heard the word, "cleanliness is next to godliness"? Oh yeah. My head was almost exploding during one of my stress moments during the week, then I remembered that I needed to wash the toliet and my bath tub (Even though I'd cleaned them three days before that already) and also mop the floor. Immediately I got down to work, humming and interchanging from my favorite worship songs to secular tunes, I forgot about my stress and enjoyed the moment while it lasted. By the time I was through with the cleaning, washing and mopping, all I wanted to do was jump into the shower, eat some food and watch some movies. The sight of the clean house and bathroom is enough to take my mind off the stress.

5. Talk to God
Yep, he answers when we call. And he listens when we talk to him. Most times, you might not really be in an atmostphere or environment conducive enough to kneel down and pray. At such moment, just talk to God in your heart, and HE will hear your whisper. Trust me, talking to God is not only magical, it also relieve you of your burden (stress). It gives you some sort of an assurance and conviction that, everything is settled.

Incase you are wondering how I arrived at my tips, all I will say is, try them and I'm sure you'll thank me later. I try these techniques most of the time and they work for me, hence, the reason why I'm sharing them.

Have a stress free weekend.

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