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Getting Movie Roles Is Now Trade By Barter - Actress Linda Adedeji

The Nigerian movie industry is one of the biggest in the world (no doubt). So many talents emerge in the movie sphere day in day out. Y'all know that bringing talent to the light is one of my specialties; and it's been a pleasure doing it. Although Princess Linda Adedeji has been around for as long as I can remember (yep), but she is one of the actresses who are refered to as private. I have seen her in a lot of movies (you know I watch movies a lot) and she is a very wonderful actress. I was able to corner her on Instagram for a tete-a-tete and here we are today. Princess opened up about her childhood, her movies and many more. Enjoy... 

Who is Princess Linda Adedeji?
Princess Linda Adedeji (PLA) is an actor, movie maker, script writer, wife, mom and a business woman.

When did you venture into acting?
It all started in 2003, when I went to Ltv8 Ikeja to meet a friend, then I sighted Toyin Adegbola (Ajoke Asewo to re mecca) I ran to her and told her I interest in acting. I was into modeling at that time and I definitely have an idea about acting; because both of them are  Camera, Light, Action(lolz). I was introduced to Modupe Johnson(Faliwerepe) by Toyin Adegbola, I filled the acting form and registered with her.. That was the beginning of this beautiful journey.

Aside being an actress, I know you own a unisex salon, how do you
combine the two together?
Thirty percent of my attention is given to my salon while seventy percent goes to my acting career, because I have many stylist working for me and a manager that will do all it takes for the business to move forward. To God be the glory both the acting and the salon are going smoothly.

Could you please tell us a bit about your background?
I was born with a Silver spoon into a family of seven, I was raised by my parents who did not fail to imbibe discipline and tolerance in me. I attended St Joseph Nursery and Primary school, Ado-Ekiti which happen to be the best then and Citadel international school Ado-Ekiti, I was in SS1 when my mum and dad got seperated which mark beginining of hardship for us. Thanks to my mum, she tried all she could to send us all to higher institution even though it was polytechnic, I had my OND in Business Admistration at Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti. I later went to Lagos State University where I bagged in Industrial Relation and Personnel Management(IRPM).

As an actress, how many movies have you featured in so far?
I have featured in over 50movies. Few of them are, Abigeal,Doro-speaker,My Angel,The Culprit, Awotunwo, Okanran and many more

As a producer, how many jobs do have to your credit?
Six movies now, I just finished the sixth one. The first is Igbekun Abo (2004), Alejo (2005), Oyinkansola (2013), Seraye (2014), Ojo-Ale (2015) and Emi Ni Ologo (will be released soon) shot in Sept 2015.

Is it true that you must belong to a caucus before you can be given movie roles?
Yeah that's very correct. If you don't belong to a caucus or a certain clique it will be difficult to get jobs. Aside that, this days,getting movie roles is like trade by barter, you call me to your job, I call you to feature in mine too. Which makes it a bit difficult for freelance actors to get jobs.

Your role model(s) in the movie industry?
Angelina Jolie, Carmen Villalobos, Maritza Rodriguez. Nigerian actors,  Joke Silva,Omotola Jalade and Ayo Adesanya

Do you believe in using popular faces in a movie before you can sell any
Nope, I don't believe in it, but some marketers do force it on producers.. They will tell you this are the selling faces, so you have to use them, but thank God I don't have such marketer, my marketer believes in building stars. I use whoever fit into a role and that can inteprete my script very well. It might be a popular face or an upcoming artiste, but no sentiment at all. My hubby is my sponsor, so no marketer can dictate to me..

Your advice to upcoming actress who are yet to find their place in the
movie industry?
Stay strong and believe in yourself, don't take no for an answer, you can do it but, put God first in whatever you do. With God all things are possible. Secondly don't be desperate, thirdly, don't be in a hurry; slow and steady wins the race, you will surely get to the top, it's just a matter of time and patience. Behind every glory there is a story. Above all, be prayerful, prayer is the key to every great achievements.

Do you have any latest job, and when is it coming out?
Yes I just shot my 6th movie Emi Ni Ologo(The fortunate One).  It's very interesting, educating and touching story that will make you sit right and check yourself if u are on the right path to a better future or not. Watch out for this intriguing movie, written and Produced by Princess Linda Adedeji Directed by Award winning Director Okiki Afolayan Marketed by Almoroof Media Network. Coming soon to rule your screen..

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