Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary: Yayy! Mercyflawless Blog Is A Year Older Today

Yayy! My blog is two years old today, October 3, 2015. Thank God for his mercies and grace. It is not by my power or strenght that I am here today, it is by the GRACE of God that exceed all human understanding. I am using this time to acknowledge GOD for who and what HE is in my life and situation.

Although many rains have fallen, and the ground have swallowed all the water from both the heavy downpour and the drizzles, but the word of God stands. I thank God for the journey so far; although this is just the beginning, still I thank God for his mercies that is bigger than my age.

I want to use this opportuniy to say a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, yes YOU.

To everyone who have clicked on this blog at any pont in time, THANK YOU. To everyone who are visiting for the first time, THANK YOU, please come again. To everyone who have shared links from this blog, THANK YOU. To everyone who will share links from this blog, THANK YOU. To all my blogger friends who have featured me on their blogs, THANK YOU.

To every newpaper in Nigeria who have found me worthy to publish my story and feature me on their platforms, THANK YOU.

In this new year (yep), I promise to blog more (when school permits), host more events (if dem pay me ni o), feature in more movies (if dem call, produce more tv series (if pepper don rest) and publish my book (hopefully soon).

To all actors, musicians, comedians, bloggers, friends, fans and my family, THANK YOU all so very much for the opportunity. Without God almighty and y'all, Mercyflawless Blog won't be here today. In other not to cause quarrel or enemity, I have decided not to thank you individually but collectively (please bear with me), I might leave some names out, due to oversight, but I want you all to know that I LOVE YOU ALL and I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Let's do more business this year/next year, and also remember to pay for services rendered (abeg o, na money I dey pay for internet) *winks*

For the past few days now, many best wishes has been rolling in on all my social media pages *awww*. I feel loved. Mucho gracias amigas et la familia *muah*

God bless you all.

Thank you --- to my English folks
E se gan ni --- to my Yoruba folks
Daalu --- to my Igbo friends
Nagode --- to my Hausa friends
Sosongo --- to my Efik friends
Uwese --- to my Benin folks
Merci ---- to my French friends
Me Daa si -----  to my Ghanaian friends
Gracias ---- to my Spanish friends
Grazie ---- to my Italian friends
Danke --- to my German friends
Cam on ----- to my Vietnamese friends
Terima Kasih ---- to my Malaysian friends

And to all my friends all over the world, I love you all. Thank you

I will announce the winners of our freebies soon. Entries still coming in.


  1. Happy anniversary Flawless. Many more to celebrate in Jesus name.


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