Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nigeria At 55: Happy Independence Day

NIGERIA, a country filled with love and compassion for her citizen. Even though she has been through a lot for the past 55 years, yet, she stand tall and believe in the strength of her wings, hence, the reason why she soar higher and higher like the eagle.

Even though she hasn't gotten to where is expected of her, yet she strive to be great. Her perseverance earned her many names; both good and bad. Many know her from afar, many know her from the source, many know her just by hearing her name.

Nigeria, a land filled with milk and honey. Even though the largess of her richness is only enjoyed by the few elites,yet she did not forget the large number of the less-privileged.

Nigeria, a country richly blessed among her peers. Though she goes to her not-so-privileged peers for support, yet they respect her for her bravery in the face of chaos.

Even though she is a work in progress, yet, she has achieved a lot in 55 years.

Happy independence day my fellow Nigerians at home and abroad. God bless NIGERIA.

Remember to pray for Nigeria today, because your success lies in her prosperity.

Happy birthday to all the October babies. Happy 2nd anniversary to Mercyflawless Blog (October 3rd).

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