Friday, December 11, 2015

Healthy Living: Kissing.... The Best Way To Burn Calories

Hehehe... This might be boring to some people, but whether we like it or not, sex is part of life. Please don't go all preachy on me o, cos I'm a Christian, and the last time I checked, Biology is a subject being taught in schools, all over the world. Infact, my Biology teacher in high school was a born again christian.

Back to my topic, kissing as a calorie burner. I was listening to Roots Radio some minutes ago, and one of our presenters (Yes I'm a radio presenter too.. now you know) talked about using kiss to burn calories. Boom! I grabbed my computer and searched the internet for reference. Alas! I found a lot of websites with the same topic and content (in different ways tho).

kissing is actually good for every relationship (I know some people don't like kissing) and the more you indulge in it, the more calories you burn. Where is my boo o... lol

Y'all know that, oxygen consumption is one of the keys to burning calories. And whenever you start breathing heavily during a kiss, you are actully burning calories. As a matter of fact, you burn 6.4 calories per minute when you kiss.

The long, vigorous goodnight kiss burn as many as 90 calories per hour. Even though it has not been verified that kissing aid weight loss, it doesn't hurt to burn some calories while on it. *Rolls eye*

Oya. start kissing o, but make sure it's only your partner that you are kissing. Make dem no go woz you slap for street if you go kiss just anybody o.. lol.

Let the kissing begin *evil grin*

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