Monday, December 7, 2015

"Muyiwa Ademola Remains My Role Model Till Today" - Actress Kenny George

The Nigerian movie industry is growing in leaps and bounds monthly, weekly and daily. The new talents that emerges everyday cannot be swept them under the carpet. The beautiful lady I brought today reside in the UK but shuttles between the Queens Land and Nigeria to make movies. She is not only a good actress, she is also a talented script writer, hence, her nomination in the Moreklue All Youths Awards (MAYA Awards) which will hold on January 31st, 2016. Voting will be thrown open to the general public on Saturday December 12, 2015. Mercyflawless Blog had a chat with the beautiful mother of 3 and CEO of EJIKA Movie Academy as she marks her birthday today (Happy birthday to her), and here is what she got to say about her career, educational background and her recent faceoff with a fellow actress that went viral on major blogs. Read our chat below...

Who is Kenny George?
Kenny George is an Actress and a movie producer. She is married and blessed with three beautiful kids.

Your educational background?
I went to command secondary school ipaja, later travelled to UK in 1992 to further my education and  got a degree in Hospitality Management.

When did you venture into movie making?
It all started professionally in 2013 when I produced my first movie titled Egbo Inu but in 2006 I featured in a movie titled TETE which was produced by Lola Alao. I did like two scenes or so.

What prompted your decision to be a movie maker?
I have always had the passion to become a script writer ever since I was a kid, however my parent didn't encourage me at all, but my siblings enjoyed reading my stories but in 2012  I decided to drop my catering business and venture into film making. Spoke with my Mentor about it and he gave me his full support. I will disclose who my mentor is soon. 

Do you intend to go back to the catering business?
Yes. Planning to open a restaurant soon.

How do you shuttle between your base in the UK & Nigeria to shoot movies?
To be honest with you, it has not been easy travelling every 2 to 3months but I thank God for my backbone (husband). He has always been there for me in terms of financial support.

What does it take to be a dedicated movie maker?
First, it involves you having the passion for it. Because the passion is what motivates you in going all out,and also prevent you from been discouraged. Secondly, you must have the talent, the gift, creativity, and the zeal. But mind you? Every profession Is with its own risk and bad sides, and so does movie making too, but with all those I stated earlier, through grace and favour, you are bound for greatness.

How are you able to handle your recent faceoff with a fellow actress?
Its a very funny,competitive but interesting industry One that am very proud to be part of Misunderstanding can not be excluded,it will always occasionally happen But as for the controversy with the lady in question? She just misinterpreted the true story Which was: I only shot a movie with the man in question.

What 5 items will you take with you on a long journey without transpotation?
God, my phone, iPad, water and food with all these things I would be perfectly all right

Two fashion items you can't do without?
I'm obsessed with shoes and perfume I can't do without purchasing either one whenever I go on a shopping spree.

Your role model in the movie industry and why?
Muyiwa Ademola  remains an integral part of the good side of the present day Nollywood. A fantastic actor, writer and entertainer. Very real in script interpretation and delivery. Shot and has featured in many wave making and award based movies, and I will always associate with such noble and charismatic models like Muyiwa. So till date, he remains my Role model. And for the record, Muyiwa brought me into Nollywood, and contributed to the success I am today. God bless him.

Link up with the actress and movie producer on her social media pages;
Instagram/twitter: @iamkennygeorge

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