Thursday, December 10, 2015

Social Media Milestone: Mercyflawless Hits 20 Thousand Followers on Instagram

Social media is one place where everyone get to have fun, either by being themselves or faking it till they make it. It is also a place where we all tend to show the little vain part of us (ain't we all vain at one point or the other?).

Although no one get paid for being on the social media or for having tons of followers, but the fact that one is also a trend setter in a little way gives us some sense of belonging, especially in these computer age and time. *winks*

I woke up this morning all set to leave home for work, but had to do a routine morning devotion for few minutes before I set out. Few mins out of my house, I escaped what could have resulted in a fatal motor accident. All thanks to God for his flawless Mercies which are new every morning. That is one evidence that, prayer works. Thank God for Jesus. My testimonies abound.

As I settled down at work to start my activities of the day, I brought my phone out from my pocket to put it on vibration but was halted by my instagram notifications. I headed on there and guess what I saw 20k+ followers already!!! Wow!!! I decided there and then to appreciate my followers, by thanking them and letting them know how much I cherish their likes and comments.

In other to celebrate my followers, I decided to start giving another round of instagram shoutouts (did one recently) from now till the end of the year. And I will also pick a name to give a shoutout on the blog (random pick).

With that being said, Mercyflawless Blog has been nominated in the 2016 edition of MAYA Awards in Nigeria. The voting website and number will be thrown open on Saturday December 12, please do not hesitate to vote for your girl. Thanks for your everyday support. God bless you all. 

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