Monday, January 18, 2016

Article: You And Your Zodiac Sign... Do You Believe In It (Aquarius As A Case Study)

ZODIAC SIGNS.... I have heard some people say they don't believe in it, either due to their religious beliefs or personal reasons. Whatever the case may be, I think there is always an iota of truth in every lie or rumour.

As a christian and a child, I didn't know if I should believe in the theory of the zodiac signs back then or not. But every time I open my email I do see one or two newsletters from an astrologer (Google wasn't rampant then). As time went by, I found out that 3 out of 5 things were right about the theory. I stopped reading them for a while. But at the back of my mind, I always look forward to the weekly newsletter.

Fast forward to now, when technology has made it easy to use google on your mobile phone and tablet, I found out that most of the zodiac sign theory are usually right. For instance, as an aquarius, I do some things unconsciously that are actually part of the traits of being an aqaurius (mostly positive).


Most people mistake an aquarius for having water element because of the 'aqua' in the name and the symbol of the man pouring water out of a pot being a water bearer. But the elememt of an aquarius is actually AIR. And its astrological symbol is water waves. 

Some of the strength of an aquarius which I do posses include:
- witty (I'm usually witty)
-clever (hmm be the judge)
-humanitarian (to a fault)
-inventive (I'm 99% inventive)
-original (I'm 99% original)

Being independent is very essential to us (You can call me Miss Independent)
I love making friends and I go out of my ways to help others, even when it is not convenient for me. I have done things for people who didn't remember to say thank you, but I still go ahead to help them when they come back (I'm not stupid though, I just love giving people more than a second chance).
I love making people laugh, even though I'm not a comedian.
I do things for people without expecting anything in return.
I'm always full of excitement no matter what I'm going through.
I listen to other people's problem even in the midst of my own storm.
Being spontaneous is second nature to me. I detest living a fake life cos it's too expensive. Being original is cheaper (lol).

Overall, I'm proud to be an aquarius.

.... 3 more days to my birthday (January 21st). Happy birthday to me in advance.

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