Monday, January 4, 2016

Dr. Adadevoh's Family Takes Legal Action Against Ebola Movie Producer, Steve Gukas

When Steve Gukas decided to use Dr Adadevoh's story to produce an Ebola movie, '93 Days', everybody saw it as a way of immortalizing the brave Doctor, who died in the line of duty. That, may not be the case, as the Adadevoh's family are currently taking legal actions against the unsuspecting movie producer for not asking for permission before immortalizing the Doctor who died in the line of duty to allow others to live.

'93 Days', which was scheduled to be released in mid 2016 might not see the light of the day if proper agreement is not reached. See the statement released by the family below..

Steve Gukas

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  1. The problem with Nollywood..... tsk tsk. Would it have killed them to seek the right approval and get thr, facts straight?


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