Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"I Never Planned To Become An Actor" - Jamiu Azeez

Many people believe I watch movies because I scout for talents. Yes and no (Hehehe). Yes, because I love acknowledging talent when I see one. You all can attest to that fact on this platform. I have brought many talent to light; both in the movie industry, music, comedy, fashion and entertainment world in general. No, because I watch movies for leisure and also to learn some real life lessons. 
I have seen these particular actor in lots of movies, but was fascinated by his role as an old man in his new self produced movie hence, the reason for this chat. The actor and movie producer took Mercyflawless Blog on a jolly spin on his journey into the movie industry. Sit back, relax and and enjoy the flight below (lol)..... *sips my hot chocolate drink at almost 2am* 

Can we meet you please?
My name is Jamiu Azeez. A Nigerian actor and movie producer, born and bred in Lagos but hails from Kwara State. A marketing student of LASU, first born in a family of four.

So far, how many movies have you produced and featured in?
I have produced 6 movies and featured in over 25 movies.

Could you please name them?
My self-produced movies are, Jamal, Alabi Opomulero, Ikilo, Amawo Maro, Kuye , Race (Ije).
And few of the ones I featured in, are, The Journey, Ekute Onidodo, Orofo, Igbese, Majemu, Olalekan Irawo, Arole Are, Sikira Mental and many more.

When did you venture into the movie industry?
I ventured into the movie industry over a decade ago through Prince Jide Kosoko. I never planned to become an actor, it just happened and I embraced it.

If you are not an actor, what would you be doing?
If I am not an actor I would definitely be a banker or a marketer.

How do you feel playing a very challenging role of an old man in your new movie, KUYE?
At first I would say Alihamdulilahi, playing a challenging role that was accepted by the public makes me feel I can do any role, the response I have been receiving from fans after releasing Kuye are so encouraging and right now I feel so happy about it.

As an actor, what lesson did you learn from playing that role?

The lesson I learnt from playing that challenging role in KUYE as an actor is that, an actor should always try to do something new. Initially I didn't see myself playing that character and I was actually thinking of using an older person but I later talked to myself that I should do it to prove my versatility as an actor.

Do have anyone role model or mentor, and who are they?
Yes I have role models, outside the industry is my mum and in the movie industry I guess you should know the person (smiles) Opeyemi Aiyeola.

What are the challenges you face as a movie producer?
Being a producer is very tasking, especially a good one at that. Starting from getting a very good script, casting, monitoring from the preproduction to the post production stage, very stressful and time consuming.

Many people believe that, girls are the only ones that have better chances in acting, while guys re always being thrown to the background. What's your take on that?

Hmmmm, well I can only speak for guys because I am one, its not easy at all for guys to make waves in the industry, but I think it’s changing now as we have few producers and marketers that now believes in talents and not gender.

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