Monday, February 29, 2016

Article: It Is Not Who You Know, It Is Who Knows You (Part 1)

Saw this post on Instagram and I couldn't agree less because it is the reality everyone fail to accept.

Most times, I hear people boast of knowing people in high places but none of the boasters are recognized by the so called high people.

Many people keep forgeting that, you can know the most powerful person on earth, but the same person might not know you.

It is one thing to know someone, it is another thing for that person to know or relate with you.

Even in the bible, Mordecai knows the king, but the king didn't know him until God stepped in and Mordecai was recognized and honored.

Being successful doesn't depend on the number of people you know, it depends on whom God has destined you to meet. E.g Jumoke Orisaguna was hawking her bread jejely, and Ty Bello captured her unknowingly; after much pressure from the fans, the ace photographer went ahead to look for the unknown lady and brought her to limelight. Jumoke became a star in less than one week.

Many people have been in the modeling industry for years, with lots of experience to show for it. But, most of them could hardly boast of a runway job, not to talk of calender model jobs. Jumoke (without experience) came onboard by accident and became everyone's favorite in less than a week.

It is not who you know, it is who KNOWS you.

To be continued.....

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