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'I was Barely A Year Old in The Industry When I Won An Award' - OAP Labbizzy Jojo

In this day and age, women are gradually taking over all spheres of of the industries; be it movie, media, comedy, fashion and what have you. Y'all that, showcasing such knowledgeable people is my area of expertise on this platform. The young professional I brought today is one person who came into the media world not too long ago but she's been able to carve a niche for herself since her entry.  She is not only a radio presenter, she is also one of the cast of 'Do Good', a popular tv series running on African Magic weekly. Sit back,  relax and enjoy my chat with the award winning curvaceous on-air-personality.... 

Could you please tell us a bit about your background?
Thank you very much. My name is Omolabake Oluwatoyin Shobulo. I was born to a Nigerian Dad from Ogun State and a Togolese Mom. I'm the first child and I have a younger brother. I studied Industrial and labor relations at the prestigious Olabisi Onabanjo University, graduated in 2009.

Why did you choose to become a Pidgin English presenter and not the regular pure English OAP?
 Smile... Presenting in Pidgin Language came to me by Fate. I NEVER wanted it, I never dreamt of it. I applied as an administrative Personnel at Rainbow 94.1fm in 2012, after my third month in my department, I sought for permission to attend the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School. My permission was granted and I went. On returning, I understudied almost all the on-air personalities at the radio station. I waited to be paired or given a program but no one was forth coming. Lo and Behold, I was floating. One fateful day I was asked by my Chairman (Otunba Dr. Alex Onabanjo) if I could speak pidgin well, I replied NO. Then he said that means there's no space for you here. I was shocked! I was bothered, I cried, in my mind, I was thinking why I wasted my money, time and energy attending the training school; if at all I had known Pidgin would be suggested for me. LOL. I spoke to my colleagues, they told me to DO IT and they said it with confidence that I was going to do well because it matches my personality. I took the bold step, I started and it's been wonderful. I enjoy it so much

How did you come about your nickname name Labbizzy Jojo?
Hmm... Labbizzy JOJO was given to me by my amiable and ever exciting listeners.

What is your driving force?
 Life is about doing, not analyzing. I'll say passion to succeed and scare of Poverty.

As a young and fashionable radio personality, what is your fashion secret?
For me, it's all about versatility. Regardless of your body type, confidence is the most important component of any outfit. Be honest with yourself and know when a style is going to make you feel beautiful or make you feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable. When I feel amazing, my confidence is boosted.

How did you feel the first time you were nominated for an award as an OAP?
WOW! I never expected it. I was barely a year old in the industry and I won. Exquisite Lady Of The Year Awards. On-Air Personality of the year 2014.

Could you please tell us about your role in 'Do Good' TV series?

I played BOLANLE. She's an illiterate tailor that loves to be addressed as a fashion designer, she's an inquisitive lady, and she won't for once mind her business. She likes to be noticed anywhere she is and a flirt as well. Lol..

Does that mean if you are given more scripts, you'll be willing to act again?
 ABSOLUTELY. I love acting and also learnt a lot on DOGOOD Set. 

 Your turn offs and turn on?

  Turn off: Lazy People and bad breathe. Turn On: Intelligent People

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  1. I love her accent in Do Good, always making me laugh.I am proud of you.keep it up dear

  2. My one and only bolanle in do good......keep it up!!!!!

  3. Good work, love ur acting on dogood, the sky is just the beginning cus you will go far in life, keep it up......

  4. Good work, love ur acting on dogood, the sky is just the beginning cus you will go far in life, keep it up......


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