Saturday, February 13, 2016

'I will Take A S3x Role Again and Again' - Actress Oluwajuwon Quadri

Fast rising Nigerian actress, Olajuwon Quadri in a one to one interview with Mercyflawless Blog opened up on her acting career, her haulage business and so on.
The Ondo State born movie producer who read Accounting at Southbank University in London, ventured into the movie industry in 2013 and the sky has been the starting point since then.

The proud wife and mom talked about how she shuttle between Nigeria and London to shoot her movies without having issues with her London based business. Sit back relax and enjoy our chit chat below....

Have you always been a Yoruba movie actress?
Yes, I have always been a Yoruba movie actress.

How many movies have you featured in so far and how many have you produced?
I have featured in 10 movies and produced 6 namely,  Fikemi, Okan Mi, Ewawunmi, Etan, Homesick, Ipin Aja, Ajabo and soon to be released before the second quarter of the year, Igboran and Adanwo Nla.

How are you able to combine your haulage business with your acting career?
My haulage business does not disturb my acting career. I manage both very well.

How do you shuttle between Nigeria and London to shoot your movies?
I only travel to Nigeria when I'm on holiday, and I used that opportunity to shoot my movies.

Do you believe in belonging to a caucus in the movie industry to get roles?
I don't believe in belonging to a caucus. once you know what you are doing, your job will speak for you.

What is your relationship with your colleagues like?

I have a very good relationship with them. Most of them are my friends because I met them before I joined the movie industry.

What is your take on piracy?
There is nothing we can do about it but I bet everything will be fine with time.

Which of the movies you produced is the most challenging?
I will say 'Fikemi' because it has a lot of sexual tones, which was quite challenging for me, but as a professional, I had to do it.

If given the same sexual role, will you do it again?
I will take it over and over again and even do it better.. lol

Does your husband support your acting career?
Initially he didn't support it but he is cool with it now.

Did he complain about your sex role in Fikemi?
Nope. He knows it was part of my acting job.


  1. 9ce, i enjoyed watching Fikemi

  2. Juwon juwon. Warrior of our time. Lol


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