Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Edition: What Is The Color Of Love?

As Valentine's day draws near, a certain question keeps popping up in my subconscious and I thought I should pen it down or type it out as the case may be.


While carrying out an online research, I found out that, many people have different definition and perspective as to what the color of love is. Some people argued that, the color of love is RED because it's the shape of the heart which is hot and fiery in nature. Some said it is color BLUE because it's emotional, while some maintained that, it's color GREEN because it gives life. Some people even concluded that, LOVE has no color.

Hmmm... from my own perspective, I think the color of LOVE depends on how you see it and how it affect you.

We all know that the sky is BLUE but on a closer look, you could see it as color WHITE because of the angle you view it from and the way you perceive it. Either one is actually right.

Even though RED is the universal color of love, personally, I think the color of love is PURPLE, YELLOW and WHITE.

PURPLE because it gives you a sense of royalty.
YELLOW because it brings happiness and sunshine into your life.
WHITE: because it is without blemish

Whatever color you pick as the COLOR OF LOVE, make sure you cherish it and nurture it (poetically speaking).

Meanwhile, let me play one of my favorite song as a young girl by BILLY OCEAN entitled, COLOR OF LOVE. Enjoy...

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