Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels Explosions: Dozens Killed And Wounded In The Airport & Metro Attacks

Two explosions ripped through Brussels Airport today, Killing at least 31 people and wounded more than 150 people.

The sad event happened during the morning rush hour, as hundreds of passengers were trying to check in at the Airport. All public transportation has been shut down.

Terror alerts rose across Europe, in the U.S. and around the world.

According to several reports, Belgium's federal prosecutor confirmed the two blasts at the airport and a third at the metro station were terrorist attacks. The metro station is located near buildings that house European Union institutions in central Brussels.

Europe’s foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, broke down in tears during a speech in Brussels.

She said it was a “a very sad day for Europe”.

Rudi Vervoort, minister-president of the Brussels-Capital region has said he feels “a horror that cannot be named” but praised the response of the Belgian people:

"I would like to express my support to the victims of the attacks of this morning, at the Brussels Airport in Zaventem and in the metro station Maelbeek. My thoughts are also directed to their families and closest.

This attack, without any precedent in
Belgium,, targeted strong symbols of its capital: its airport and its public transportation network. As a Brussels citizen, I feel an horror that cannot be named.

My greatest recognition goes to all members of the security and emergency force that are heavily mobilised to assist the victims.

I want to address our determination. We will let no one cowardly attack the values of Democracy. Barbarism will be fought continuously. Brussels will overcome obscurantism.

Today, Brussels shows its true nature: an exemplar solidarity through massive blood donations, the gratuity of taxis and the numerous citizen that are opening their homes to host strangers in need on social networks."

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