Thursday, May 5, 2016

Actress Regina Chukwu & Akin Lewis Robbed on A movie Set, The Producer Speaks Out

Actress Regina Chukwu and Akin Lewis were recently robbed at a movie location in the Surulere area of Lagos. The producer of the movie, Seyi Hunter who didn't trust the security detail of the hotel and its management, sent a full detail of the incident to Mercyflawless Blog via email. Read her message below....

"Over the weekend I was shooting my movie #AJO a Yoruba movie, and the actors that was featured are Akin Lewis Jaye Kuti, Regina Chukwu, Yomi Gold ,myself (Seyi Hunter) and others. We finished shooting late on Wednesday, Akin Lewis and Regina Chukwu where lodge in EXCLUSIVE HOTEL 9 Ayilara street beside the celestial church in Ojuelegba, Surulere. The hotel has 3 mobile police and Opc guys guarding the hotel, so we felt it was safe.

But unfortunately they where robbed, around 3am, the information I got from my artist and other lodgers was that, the robbers came in and specifically asked of the artist staying in the hotel, they broke over 6 doors before they saw Regina and later saw Akin Lewis, collected all their valuables, laptop, phones, money, gold and all. The Mopols came out after the robbers had gone and claimed they didn't hear anything, but people that live in the neighborhood said they heard all the noise, I don't understand how the Mopols in the same building the robbers robbed didn't hear anything, and they where behaving nonchalantly when one of the victims was trying to explain to them. Though the case is in the Area C area command. I pray we get good response from the owner, cause we haven't even heard from the management till now."

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