Thursday, June 2, 2016

Exclusive Speeches From One Naija Cultural Expo Coordinators

The unveiling of One Naija Cultural  Expo has come and gone, but the memory lingers as it is still the talk of the town, especially in the Island part of Lagos. Read speeches from the event coordinators below....

Opening remark was given by the project coordinator, Mr. JOSEPH AKINDELE APARA:

"Thank you the master of ceremony. Goodevening everyone.
On behalf of every planining committee of One Naija Cultural Expo 2016, I welcome you all to this augaust gathering. I recongnise the presence of our invited guests, the men and officers of the Nigeria Army, members of the media corp present, all existing protocols dully observed, ladies and gentlemen.

Tonight, we are officially unveiling " ONE NAIJA CULTURAL EXPO 2016". This is an event being put together by SWEET DREAMS FORTUNE FORT, a fashion designing outfit based in Lagos-Nigeria, poised to promoting Nigerian fashion and styles, cultural values and the Nigerian local content and initiatives. This is why we are keen to bringing the attention of our people to those benefits we stand to gain by exploring and investing more in our local contents and social-cultural values.

At this point of our economic conditions,as a Nation, I believe it's worthwhile for us as individuals, as governments, as corporate bodies, to begin to look more inwards by taking advantage of our diverse socia-cultural and natural values for our collective economic prosperity. Like in fashion and styles, collection of arts and heritages, musics, dances, Movies, comedy, sports, Agriculture, festivals and tourism, artisan-ship, to mention but few.

We charge us, especially the youth, to stop taking blames and excuses to government. Lets start taking responsibility for ourselves.Just as our Governments, at various levels,are encouraged to make sincere policies and take steps that would put necessary infrastructure in place for people to explore and prosper.

Finally, we preach peach in our beloved land. without which, all these efforts mentioned become a joke". Lets stay together in peace and harmony. Our Founding fathers did it in the time past and it worked for them. we can do it agin, God's willing!

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the good poeple of Nigeria, friends of nigerian, please join us as we unveil the maiden edition of "One Naija Cultural Expo 2016"
Thank you all!"

Brief speech by the CEO of Sweet Dreams Fortune Forth,  Miss Maureen Onyia:

"Evening ladies and gentlemen. You are welcome to One Naija Cultural Expo 2016. The main pupose of garthering us together tonight is to create more awareness for the main event of "One Naija Cultural Expo 2016, which is coming up later in October 2016.

The objectives of One Naija Cultural Expo 2016 is to promote and bring various Nigerian cultures and values together in a way of showcasing the richness of our culture for our socio-economic development. Each and everyone of us, here present, represent one culture/native or the other.

At this point ,I think it's safe for me to say that, we have successfully achieved one of our aims, which is bringing different culture together.

This initiative also gives opportunity to fashion designer like myself to be proud in promoting varieties of Nigerian fashion and styles.
One Naija Cultural Expo also gives opportunity to Nigerian businesses and products to showcase and ultimately, grow our economy. One Naija Cultural Expo 2016 is looking forward to your supports and partnerships.

We are very much ready to join hands with you to achieve this noble cause.
Thank you."

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