Monday, September 19, 2016

Photos: Recap From Dallas International Fashion Week

Even though Dallas International Fashion Week has come and gone, the glitz and glamor of the event that created a lot of buzz in Dallas, Texas did not go away.

Mercyflawless Media was well represented by yours truly, and I made sure I had fun to the fullest. I met a lot of beautiful and interesting people at the event which pride itself as an avenue for both fashion statements and networking.

The DIFW as it is fondly called held on Sunday September 4th, 2016 inside the magnificent Music Hall At Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The event was well attended by all the movers and shakers of Dallas political, and social spheres. Many people also thronged in from different part of the world to be part of the beautiful event. See some photos from the fun filled night below...

Arik Air VP, Mr Rob Brunner and Mr Tosan (DIFW & Trendy Africa CEO)

Miss Africa Texas, the founder and a guest

DIFW owner, Mr Tosan Aduayi and guests

Photo credit: Trendy Africa
Location: Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas. USA

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