Monday, September 26, 2016

'The Message of The Song Upsets Me' - Janine Udogu Pens Down Review About PSquare's song, 'BANK ALERT'

If you haven't seen the visual to 'Bank Alert' by Nigerian singing duo, Psquare.. CLICK HERE

Switzerland based founder of Nigerian Heroes blog, Janine Udogu penned down her thoughts about the message of the wave making song on her facebook page. Read below.....
"Dear P-Square

Even though I am really a big fan of your music I cannot watch your latest music video without feeling disappointed. It is not that I don’t like the beating or the melody, it is the message of the song that upsets me. You sing about a man who promises his fiancĂ© to come and marry her in a year, because he wants to go abroad and make some money before his return. When he comes for her hand in marriage 5 years later, he comes as a billionaire, flying a private jet and driving around town with a huge entourage, throwing money at people and living in huge mansion.

In a time where parts of Nigeria are at war and everyone is facing a recession, where people are struggling to buy a bag of rice and unemployment rate is as high as ever. In a time where electricity still is a privilege and quality healthcare is only affordable for the rich. A time where many children cannot afford to go to school and where bad roads and corrupt police officers stop you from moving around freely. In a time where thousands of Nigerians flee the country every month looking for a better future abroad, you are making a song that promotes the success one can have abroad.

Did you tell them that since 2008 over 40’000 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean see, many of them Nigerians?

Did you tell them how many loose their lives in the desert or on the road heading abroad?

Did you tell them that even those who make it to Europe, will lack food and housing or be treated like criminals facing prison and detention just for the fact that they came here?

Did you tell them that the only way to stay in Europe legally is by getting married to “onye ocha”, whether young, old, slim, fat, mentally ill or healthy! What will those men tell their fiancĂ© in Nigeria on return, having wasted many years servicing a woman they don’t love, just for the sake of paper. Maybe there will be kids involved, kids who will never come to see their fathers land. Who will not be speaking their father’s language or know their fathers culture. Children who will grow up not knowing their roots, because their father will eventually return to Nigeria and marry that woman he wanted to marry in the first place.

And did you tell them that 99% of all those men coming home from abroad as rich men have made their cash selling drugs, doing 419 or were involved in other criminal acts.
Why are you promoting this lifestyle?

I know that your music is meant to entertain and that you cannot combine a sad text with a happy melody. But rather than to sugarcoat the life abroad why don’t you give people hope within their own country? You could sing about all the Nigerian Heroes. There are so many untold success stories WITHIN Nigeria. So many hard working people, who started out with nothing, that are successful today. So many talents and skilled people who need role models. But who do they have to look up to? Criminals or dead people? I believe that it is YOUR responsibility being superstars to tell them that there is hope! If you give up on them and tell them that only abroad one can make it, they will give up too. Nigerians have to start to change the way they see themselves and you have the crowd that listens!"

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