Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hmm. Telemundo star Ximena Dugue is head over heels in love with new BF just months after ending things with actor Carlos Ponce

I follow actors Ximena Dugue and Carlos Ponce (right) on IG, mostly because I loved the way they loved each other. They seemed to be so in love and committed to one other and I was truly sad when they ended their relationship after 5 years together. It seemed like a fairytale when they were together

So here's a bit of history between Ximena and Carlos, both Telemundo stars. They met in 2010, began dating, broke up and got back together. They began living together from 2013 until Ximena ended things with Carlos in December 2015 because he refused to propose to her. She gave him an ultimatum, that if he doesn't marry her, she would leave by the end of the year, as she didn't want to start 2016 living with a man she wasn't married to. Carlos didn't propose and so she left. But you see, just 8 months later, Ximena is head over heels, crazily and insanely in love with a guy she says she's been waiting for her whole life! Huh? So five years with Carlos was just a waiting period for prince charming? The kind of love we all dream of...and many never find. See her IG posts after the cut and tell us what think. Some think it's too intense too soon and she's doing it to make Carlos jealous...

 On every post she puts up, her followers tag her ex, Carlos Ponce. Many are even suggesting she's acting so in love to make Carlos jealous. What do you guys think? See photos of Ximena and Carlos below...

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