Sunday, October 30, 2016

Twitter users go gaga after Pst Sam Adeyemi 'demonizes' mental illness by saying 'sin is the root cause of mental illness'

Popular Pastor, Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center, caused controversy today, during the Sunday morning's service as he preached that sin was the root cause of mental illness, there was a link between physical and spiritual well-being and that the foundational solution to mental health was 'salvation'.

His official Twitter handle posted his statements from the church service and it immediately got social media users talking with some criticizing him for trying to 'spiritualize' and 'demonize' mental illness saying he shouldn't speak on Psychiatry as he wasn't a professional in that field while his church members, off course, defended his statements.
The pastor, upon seeing the backlash online, posted more tweets clarifying that sound mental health was part of salvation and that mentally sick people should seek medical help while working on their salvation .
See more of his tweets and reactions below...

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