Monday, October 31, 2016

Update on Female banker accused of hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband in Lagos

 A story of a female banker identified as Oluchi Onyebuchi who was arrested by men of the Ogun state police command for allegedly hiring assassins to kill her estranged husband, Tochukwu Onyebuchi

Now, a friend of the accused woman, Nicole Chioma Ugochukwu, over the weekend, took a trip to Ogun state Police station in Eleweran Abeokuta, Ogun state where Oluchi is being held in custody. She gave an update on the matter.

According to Nicole, the Female banker was set up by her estranged husband who had allegedly sworn to deal with her so much that no man would look at her again after their separation. Read what Nicole wrote on her Facebook page below

We made a trip to Ogun state today 29th of October 2016, where A lovely soul is languishing in Ogun state police Eleweran Abeokuta and her name is Oluchi Mbonu ( maiden name ).

Oluchi is a seasoned banker , a friendly soul, a dear friend , a sister and above all a mother to a lovely beautiful young daughter.

Oluchi is being accused of conspiring with some dirty frail looking guys labeled ASSASSINS .... Lol.... to kill her hubby ( thou hubby is still very much alive ) . I am not a lawyer neither am I the police but it's not rocket science to know that this is just a Bogus story to ruin her reputation and tarnish her image. The picture is so clear that she is a VICTIM of circumstance and evil manipulation from a bitter Man( ex hubby) .....Ooh yes , he threatened to deal with her and after he is done , no man would look at her .

My fellow Nigerians , this treat is in motion and we all must join hands together to stop it and make a difference .
How can we do this? Let's make noise until the real story is told . Yes justice must surely take it's course but it's taking too long . She has no business in Eleweran police station, this case should be transferred to Lagos State where the so called failed assassination took place so proper investigation can take it's course .
Pls let's join hands and speak up till the proper authorities take up this case .
Lagos state police where una dey ? Transfer this case naaaa... Biko nu .

1)What is the brothers name, address and phone number of the brother they were to deliver the car to in Onitsha? She must have given them precise instructions !

2) what is the name of the 3rd accomplice at large ? And was it the 3 of them that attacked the husband ? What is his name ? They have the name and surname of the other paraded 2?

3) why is she locked up in ogun state while the crime was commited in the hubby's home in Lekki? Shouldn't she be extradited to the jurisdiction where the failed assasination was commited?

4) the assassins said they were paid 500,000. Was it given to them in cash ? Where and when ( dates and time stamps ) ? Did the assassins pay the 500k into their account ? If they did , where is statement of account ? Did they keep it under their bed or where is the 500k ? Or did they finish chopping it so fast in this buhari economy ?

5) how long did they plan this failed assassination? There must be phone records and voice calls between her and them and this records can be retrieved from the network provider Mtn. Was this done ?

6) why was she paraded as a criminal the very next day after her arrest without investigation. Why was her picture plastered all over the internet and newspapers the very next day?

7) why hasn't even a single soul in the name of the ex hubby's friends or family come forward to corroborate his story or tell us that his accused wife is capable of this crime?

All media houses And bloggers who carried the story sharp sharp , pls take correction .... Thank you for trying to murder her name ... Oluchi is going to come out victorious after proper INVESTIGATION is carried out.

Note ; attached are pictures of the lovely lady oluchi not the pictures the media wants us to swallow by force with 2 dirty scruffy looking scallywags .

NOTE; she remains innocent until proven guilty ..

Proper investigation is all we ask for ... So justice can prevail.

Photos of Oluchi below...

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