Monday, November 28, 2016

44-yr-old man cries out after parents of his young girlfriend who's suffering from 'memory loss' refuse to let him meet her

After a boating accident left them both hospitalized, Michael Capponi's girlfriend Brooke Biederman, now 24, doesn't remember who he is. Brooke who was just 22 when she graduated from Princeton, met Michael Capponi in May 2014.

Capponi, a one-time undisputed nightlife king of Miami Beach, Florida, who transformed from a heroin-addict to a businessman/philanthropist, fell in love with her and she moved in with him in Miami. However knowing that her relationship with Capponi would cause trouble with her family, Brooke kept the living arrangements secret from her parents, high-profile New York urban planner Dan Biederman and fine arts lawyer Susan Biederman.

Though the couple knew their daughter worked as a copy writer at Island Company Resort Wear in West Palm Beach, they thought she was renting a condo, never knew she was staying with a man and allegedly talked about marrying him.

How did they find out? In 2015, Capponi and Brooke were cruising in his classic 25-foot Chris-Craft motorboat when he suddenly passed out while at the helm. The boat headed straight for a retaining wall at the local Coast Guard station and crashed at high speed. Sources said at the time that Capponi apparently 'blacked out' at the wheel, but no drugs or alcohol were involved, and investigations suggest that neither passenger was under the influence of any substance.

While Capponi suffered seven broken ribs, punctured both lungs, fractured a shoulder, broke his nose and fractured his skull, Brooke sustained the most harrowing wounds, including brain injuries that kept her in a coma for three weeks and reportedly lost much of her short-term memory.

She has since returned to New York City to be with her parents. Now while Capponi has spent the last year trying to reach out to Brooke through social media and remind her of their relationship, her parents have intercepted his every attempt to contact or see her.

Although she has almost fully recovered by now and has been spotted at New York City restaurants by friends, she hasn't remembered him. Capponi believes the family blames him for the crash and took advantage of their daughter's state to erase all evidence of his existence.

Brooke's family through New York public relations firm owner Joe Carella, issued a statement they claim came directly from Brooke: 'This terrible accident is in the past, and with the tremendous support of my medical team, family, friends and professional colleagues, I have moved on with my life.' Brooke's mother has also allegedly threatened to get authorities involved if he tried to contact her.

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