Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Catholic Bishop bans politicians from being included as guests during Fundraisers

As Kenya’s elections are fast approaching, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Embu, RT. Rev Paul Kariuki Njiru has banned politician from being included as guests during Church fundraising. The Bishop who also ordered his congregation not to accept bribes in other to vote during the election, fears those vying for elective positions might use such opportunity to bring in political campaigns to the church.
In a signed eight point statement by the Bishop, he said:
"Never accept bribes in order to vote for the person who gives the bribe. Indeed all those who bribe or give money because they wish to influence people to vote for them are corrupt leaders and should not at all be voted as leaders. I hereby degree that all those aspiring for civic posts come 2017 should not be included in the list of guests in our fundraising. They can however make their contributions just like any other person.’

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