Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"How do you sleep well at night?!" Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra, calls out woman who passed off her work as her own

Sandra, the CEO of Bespoke Interior Company and wife of TV host, Frank Edoho has called out a female interior designer for allegedly stealing her works and passing them off as her own.

Instead of taking down the work, the woman named Titi, quickly changed her Instagram name and made her account private.

 "I usually will not do this! But I can't just ignore this one! " the expectant mother of two wrote @o_stunner has stolen a lot of our HARD WORK and claimed it as hers.
How can you sleep well at night? Really?! I always say it's great to feel inspired by others but NEVER EVER pass off a work as yours. This is sickening and really unfair! I give you @o stunner IMMEDIATELY to remove ALL our work from your page" Sandra wrote in a post on IG
See her posts on Instagram, below...


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