Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Maheeda replies follower who said her life story is normal in Nigeria

Yesterday, Maheeda celebrated her birthday by sharing story of how difficult life was for her when she was growing up in Nigeria.
A follower who felt her life story is common and normal for some Nigerian girls sent her a DM advising her to change her way of life now that she has become rich. She shared the DM on her page followed with a reply.

Someone sent this to me, what do you think? First he didn't make research b4 he start, as usual.....! I'm now a married woman with a kid for many years now!! ..... I do nude modeling , music business and have other businesses that I own making money for me while I sleep.... what is the bad job here? Nude modeling? If your religion or moral values or your own personal beliefs don't accept it , that's why I'm not you or part of what you stand for!!!! Thank you!!!! And how is all what he mentioned normal as he said?? Like for real? Nigerians accept their bad situations to the point they call it normal??? Oh God help my people

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