Saturday, February 25, 2017

Daily Motivation: Falling Down is Normal, Staying Down Is Not

The more we realize this reality about life, the better for us as ordinary people.

Often times, we expect not to fail or fall, we expect to have a life without glitch, we expect to live in a glass house without a crack but guess what? Having cloudy moments is part of life, but staying in the dark for too long is the part we need to get rid of.

When the storm comes, it might destroy a lot of things but we have to realize that, after all the chaos, there is usually an unexplainable peace. And that is the part we need to be strong for, and look forward to.

No matter what you might be going through at the moment, please hang in there and determine in your heart to do everything possible to come out of it, A BETTER PERSON.

Do have a lovely night or day (depending on what time it is and which part of the world you reading from right now).

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